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 ^Eye Colour|Yellow| ^Eye Colour|Yellow|
 ^Skin Colour|White| ^Skin Colour|White|
-^Breast Size|N/A|+^Breast Size|Flat|
 ^Lactation|0ml| ^Lactation|0ml|
 ^Penis Size|Huge (14 inches)| ^Penis Size|Huge (14 inches)|
-^Testicle Size|Large ​(3)|+^Testicle Size|Large|
 ^Cum Production|A huge amount (65ml)| ^Cum Production|A huge amount (65ml)|
Line 78: Line 78:
 ^Gender|Female| ^Gender|Female|
 ^Height|162cm| ^Height|162cm|
-^Hair Colour|Bleach ​Blonde|+^Hair Colour|Bleach ​blonde|
 ^Eye Colour|Yellow| ^Eye Colour|Yellow|
 ^Skin Colour|White Fur, Olive Skin| ^Skin Colour|White Fur, Olive Skin|
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 ^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks| ^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks|
-|3|60|0|37|Dominant|Savage Attack, ​Dominant Tease, Fireball, Fire Shield|+|3|60|0|37|Dominant|Dominant Tease, Fireball, Fire Shield, Savage Attack|
 ===== Quest Involvement ===== ===== Quest Involvement =====
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 ==== Main Quest ==== ==== Main Quest ====
-  * [[:​wiki:​quests:​main_quests:​the_search_for_arthur_the_wolfs_den|]]+  * [[:​wiki:​quests:​main_quests:​the_search_for_arthur#​part_ii:​the_wolf_s_den|The Search for Arthur]]
 \\ \\