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 +====== Bunny ======
 +<WRAP box right centeralign 400px>
 +==== Physical Description ====
 +^Species|Lesser [[:​wiki:​races:​rabbit|]]|
 +^Hair Colour|Brown|
 +^Eye Colour|Green|
 +^Skin Colour|Light|
 +^Breast Size|E-cup|
 +^Penis Size|N/A|
 +^Testicle Size|N/A|
 +^Cum Production|N/​A|
 +==== Mental Description ====
 +^Fetishes|Oral Performer, Pussy Slut, Submissive|
 +Bunny is one of the two prostitutes [[:​wiki:​characters:​angel|]] has working for her.​ Her twin sister, Loppy, also works at [[:​wiki:​locations:​dominion:​angels_kiss|]]. Bunny is a [[:​wiki:​races:​rabbit|rabbit-morph]],​ and seems to genuinely love her line of work.​
 +Bunny is not currently involved in any quests.
 +===== Stats =====
 +|10|17|0|75|Oral Performer, Pussy Slut, Submissive|N/​A|