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Arthur Fairbanks

Commision by Jam

Physical Description

Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBlue
Skin ColourPale
Breast SizeN/A
Penis SizeUnknown
Testicle SizeUnknown
Cum ProductionUnknown

Mental Description

FetishesMilk Lover, Breasts Lover, Recieving Oral
PersonalityHigh, Average, Low, Average, Average


With messy brown hair, pale skin, and a thin frame, the Arthur of this world looks exactly the same as the one you've always known.​ Just as he was in your world, this Arthur used to be a colleague of Lilaya's, before Lilaya kicked him out.​
Arthur is recognised as one of, if not the best arcane researcher in all of Dominion.​ Despite this, however, he's unable to harness the arcane himself.

When you first meet Arthur, he is a slave to Zaranix. After convincing Zaranix to set him free, Arthur will arrive at Lilaya's lab.

After a brief, friendly talk, Lilaya will request that you find a room for Arthur.



Arthur is a masculine male human.​ Due to his masculine appearance, everyone assumes that he's a male on first glance.​ Standing at full height, he measures 1.83 metres/6'.​ He appears to be in his mid-forties.


He has a handsome, human face, covered in pale, smooth skin.​ He has short, dark brownhair, which is unstyled and very messy.​ He has a pair of normal, human eyes, with round, brown irises, round, black pupils, and white sclerae.​ He has a pair of normal, human ears, which are covered in pale, smooth skin.​ He doesn't have any trace of facial hair.​


He has average-sized, pale lips.​ His throat is fleshy-pink in colour.​ His mouth holds a normal-sized, fleshy-pink tongue.​ He's never given head before, so is unsure of how much he could fit down his throat.​


His torso has a boyish appearance, and is covered in pale, smooth skin.​ He has a slender, lightly muscled body, giving him a thin body shape.​


He has a completely flat chest, with a single pair of pecs.​ On each of his pecs, he has one tiny, pale nipple, with tiny, circular areolae.​
He is not producing any milk.​


He has a pair of normal human arms and hands, which are covered in pale, smooth skin.​


His legs and feet are human, and are covered in pale, smooth skin.​ His legs and feet are plantigrade, meaning that he naturally walks with his feet flat on the ground.​
His limbs are slender, and have a masculine shape to them.​


His narrow hips and small butt are covered in pale, smooth skin.​ He has a human, pale-rimmed anus, with fleshy-pink internal walls, the rim being slightly darker than the skin around it.​ It is extremely tight, and when lubricated can comfortably accommodate objects of up to 1cm/0.4“ in diameter.​ His ass is of an average depth, allowing him to comfortably accommodate 21cm/8” of a penetrative object, and uncomfortably accommodate 42cm/1'3“.​ Arthur has retained his anal virginity.​ It is completely dry, and would need lubricating before sex.​ It takes a huge amount of effort to stretch it out, and after being used, it slowly recovers all of its original capacity.​


He has an average-sized, 15 centimetre/6 inches human cock, which is covered in pale, smooth skin.​ It measures 4 centimetres/2 inches in diameter (12 centimetres/5 inches in circumference).​ Arthur has lost his penile virginity.​
He has a natural bush of dark brown, coarse hair around the base of his cock.​
His two average-sized testicles are covered in pale, smooth skin, and dangle down beneath his shaft.​ They produce an average amount of salty cum.​ His cum, much to nobody's surprise, tastes like cum.​ It's quite sticky, and is difficult to fully wash off without soap.​ It has a slimy, oily texture.​


You've initially heard of him from Lilaya and are tasked to bring him back to her mansion in the main quest of The Search for Arthur. After getting Arthur a room to stay you can ask him about his view of Lyssieth and Lilaya or do some errands for him

Known relationships:

Lyssieth - Friends with benefits

Lilaya - Ex-lover, co-worker

Other relationships:

Amber - Head slave (former)

Brax/Bree/Brandi - The one who holds the warrant to Arthur's custody

Katherine - Former co-slave

Kelly - Former co-slave

Scarlett - Former slave dealer

Zaranix - Former slave owner

He's currently owned by: Lilaya


We can discuss it a little more some other time, but the basic gist of it is that I decided to do a little research into arcane teleportation.​ - Arthur

I don't think I've said it properly yet, so thank you [player name], for rescuing me.​ - Arthur


He has no combat proficiency and is unarmed


Unknown as he's not combatable.


Level Physique Arcane Corruption Attacks
10 11 -13 0 N/A

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

Side Quests