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Arthur Fairbanks

Physical Description

Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBlue
Skin ColourPale
Breast SizeN/A
Penis SizeUnknown
Testicle SizeUnknown
Cum ProductionUnknown

Mental Description

FetishesMilk Lover, Breasts Lover, Recieving Oral
PersonalityHigh, Average, Low, Average, Average

Arthur is [description pending].

'With messy brown hair, pale skin, and a thin frame, the Arthur of this world looks exactly the same as the one you've always known.​ Just as he was in your world, this Arthur used to be a colleague of Lilaya's, before Lilaya kicked him out.​
Arthur is recognised as one of, if not the best arcane researcher in all of Dominion.​ Despite this, however, he's unable to harness the arcane himself.

When you first meet Arthur, he is a slave to Zaranix. After convincing Zaranix to set him free, Arthur will arrive at Lilaya's lab.

After a brief, friendly talk, Lilaya will request that you find a room for Arthur.

Known relationships:

Lyssieth - Friends with benefits

Lily - Ex-lover, co-worker

Other relationships:

Brax/Bree/Brandi - The one who holds the warrant to Arthur's custody

Zaranix - Former slaver

Scarlett - Former slave dealer


Level Physique Arcane Corruption Attacks
10 11 -13 0 N/A

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

Side Quests