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Physical Description

SpeciesRace - Unknown
GenderSex - Unknown
HeightHeight in cm - 186cm
Hair ColourColour - Unknown
Eye ColourColour - Deep blue
Skin ColourColour - Unknown

Mental Description



Ashley is the owner of the shop 'Dream Lover', and is seemingly also its only working staff.​ They are very stand-offish and loathe helping out their customers, to the point where they'd rather stare at the walls instead of offering any help.



You have no idea what Ashley's gender is.​ Standing at full height, they measure 6'1“ (186cm).​

The hood of their cloak is pulled up, completely obscuring their facial features.​ All that you can make out from the darkness of the hood is the sheen of a pair of deep blue eyes.​

Ashley's cloak covers the entirety of their body, leaving you completely unable to see any part of their body.​ You have no idea what race they are, much less the state of their breasts and genitals.​


Once you've entered Dream Lover shop in Shopping Arcade you'll be 'greeted' by the aloof owner, Ashley. You'll be prompted to confront with their mannerisms or stay quite. They sells gifts for you to either consume/use or give it to your romantic interest.

Known relationships:

The Shopping Arcade :

Kate - Owner of Succubi's Secret

Nyan - Owner of Nyan's Clothing Emporium

Pix - Owner of Pix's Playground

Ralph - Owner of Ralph's Snacks

Vicky - Owner of Arcane Arts

They sell gifts you can offer to certain NPCs as well as a feather duster which can be used as a weapon.


“If you bother to look, you'll notice that I have placed descriptions beneath each item I sell.​ If you need any more clues than that, then you have no business being here.​” - Ashley

“If you manage to use these gifts properly instead of buying them only for yourself, I'd be more willing to negotiate.​ It'd be nice to see some of these items being appreciated… but I'm not going to wait on that.​ So buy the chocolates you were eyeing, or whatever.​” - Ashley


Their combat proficiency is unknown and if they're equipped with any weapons, it's hidden from view.


Unknown as they're not combatable.


Level Physique Arcane Corruption Fetishes Attacks
10 8 17 0 Unknown Unknown

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

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Side Quests

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