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Helena Earna

Helena Earna

Physical Description

SpeciesRace - Greater Demon
GenderSex - Female
HeightHeight in cm - 170cm (Height in inches - 6'9“)
Hair ColourColour, type - Red hair
Eye ColourAmount, colour - Two amber eyes
Horn ColourAmount, colour - Two blue antennae
Antenna ColourAmount, colour - Four blue antennae
Wing ColourSize, colour - Large blue wings
Tail ColourAmount, colour - One green tail
ArmsAmount - Two arms
LegsAmount, type - Two unguligrade legs
Skin ColourColour - Liliac
Breast SizeCup Size - E-cup
LactationLactation in ml - 10ml
Penis SizeSize as word (size in cm/size in inches) - Huge (152cm/5')
Testicle SizeSize as word - Huge
Cum ProductionAmount as word (in ml) - A huge amount (30ml)

Mental Description

FetishesList alphabetically using commas, Cum, Pregnancy



Helena is an extremely powerful harpy matriarch, and is in control of one of the largest harpy flocks in Dominion.​ Her beauty rivals that of even the most gorgeous of succubi, which, combined with her sharp mind and regal personality, makes her somewhat of an idol in harpy society.​

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

  • The search for Arthur


Side Quests

  • Angry Harpies

Romance Quests

After completing the quest “The search for Arthur; Scarlett's fate” she can be located in both at Harpy Nests and Helena's Pet Shop, formerly known as Scarlett's Shop in Slaver Alley