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Kruger Mwangi

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater Lion-morph
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Skin ColourTan
Breast SizeFlat
Penis SizeLarge (10 inches)
Testicle SizeAverage
Cum ProductionAn average amount (11ml)

Mental Description

FetishesDominant, Sadist, Vaginal


Kruger is the owner of Dominion's nightclub, 'The Watering Hole'.​ His daughter, Kalahari, works as the barmaid in his establishment.



Kruger is a very masculine greater lion male.​ Due to his masculine appearance, everyone assumes that he's a male on first glance.​ Standing at full height, he measures 1.88 metres/6'2“.​ He appears to be in his mid-forties.​


He has an extremely handsome, anthropomorphic, panther-like face covered in tan, short fur and complete with a powerful, toothy muzzle, big nose, and strong jawline.​ He has shoulder-length, black, fur-like hair, which is left loose and unstyled.​ He has a pair of cat-like eyes, the irises and pupils of which are larger than a regular human's.​ They have round, brown irises, vertical, black pupils, and white sclerae.​ He has a pair of cat-like ears, which are positioned high up on his head and are covered in tan, short fur.​ He doesn't have any trace of facial hair.​


He has average-sized, ebony lips.​ His throat is fleshy-pink in colour.​ His mouth holds a normal-sized, fleshy-pink, cat-like tongue.​ It is a lot flatter than what would be considered normal.​ He's never given head before, so is unsure of how much he could fit down his throat.​


His torso has a very masculine appearance, and is covered in tan, short fur.​ He has a large, ripped body, giving him a buff body shape.​


He has a completely flat chest, with a single pair of pecs.​ On each of his pecs, he has one tiny, ebony nipple, with tiny, circular areolae.​
He is not producing any milk.​


He has a pair of arms, which are covered in tan, short fur.​ His hands are formed into anthropomorphic, cat-like hands, complete with retractable claws and pink pads.​


His legs are covered in tan, short fur, and his feet are formed into anthropomorphic cat-like paws, complete with retractable claws and pink pads.​ His legs and paws are digitigrade, meaning that he naturally walks on his toes.​
His limbs are huge, and have a very masculine shape to them.​


Growing out from just above his ass, he has a tan cat tail, which has a tuft of fur on the end.​ He can control it well enough to grant him significantly improved balance.​ His tail is quite narrow and a little lacking in fluffiness in proportion to the rest of his body.​ It measures 75 centimetres/2'5” in length and, at the base, it measures 13 centimetres/5'1“ in diameter (40 centimetres/1'3” in circumference).​ It does not taper off from the base, and is a constant diameter all the way to the tip.​ It is not suitable for penetrating orifices.​


His narrow hips and small ass are covered in tan, short fur.​ He has a feline, ebony-rimmed anus, with fleshy-pink internal walls, the rim being slightly darker than the fur around it.​ It is extremely tight, and when lubricated can comfortably accommodate objects of up to 1cm/0.4“ in diameter.​ His ass is of an average depth, allowing him to comfortably accommodate 22cm/8” of a penetrative object, and uncomfortably accommodate 44cm/1'5“.​ Kruger has retained his anal virginity.​ It is completely dry, and would need lubricating before sex.​ It takes a huge amount of effort to stretch it out, and after being used, it slowly recovers all of its original capacity.​


He has a large, 20 centimetre/7” feline cock, which is covered in ebony, smooth skin.​ It measures 5 centimetres/2“ in diameter (16 centimetres/6” in circumference).​ When not in use, it retreats back into the sheath at its base.​ Fleshy, backwards-facing barbs line its length.​ Kruger has lost his penile virginity.​
He has a natural bush of black, fur-like hair around the base of his cock.​
His two large testicles are covered in tan, short fur, and hang down beneath his dick.​ They produce a huge amount of salty cum.​ His cum, much to nobody's surprise, tastes like cum.​ It's quite sticky, and is difficult to fully wash off without soap.​ It has a slimy, oily texture.​


You can only meet him in VIP room if you asked Kalahari to take a break with you. Once that is done, you can enter freely and interact with him anytime. You can either talk with him or if you're feminine, flirt, kiss, feeling up and then have sex as a sub.

Known relationships:


Kalahari - His daughter

The Watering Hole:

Jules - His employee

Kruger is not currently involved in any quests.


“Come on, [player name].​ Sit down.​ I don't bite… much” - Kruger

“Kalahari's told me you're a decent sort, so that's good enough for me.” - Kruger


His combat proficiency is unknown and he's unarmed except for his claws.


Unknown as he's not combatable.


2060580Dominant, Sadist, VaginalUnknown

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

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Side Quests

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