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Commission by Jam

Physical Description

Species Lesser Demon (succubus)
Gender Female
Height 180cm
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Yellow
Skin Colour Dependent on Player
Breast Size E-cup
Lactation 0ml
Penis Size Large and thick (8 inches)
Testicle Size Vestigial (0)
Cum Production A huge amount (65ml)

Mental Description


Along with your twin cousins, your aunt Lily was the only family you'd ever known. Although she still exists in this world, she isn't your aunt any more, and in this reality, she's a half-demon called 'Lilaya'. Whereas your old aunt was a researcher at the city museum, Lilaya is a privately-funded researcher of the arcane. Due to her demonic appearance and the fact that she's the daughter of the Lilin Lyssieth, people usually regard Lilaya with a mixture of fear and respect.

Known relationships:


Lyssieth - Mother

Meraxis - Sister

Elizabeth - Sister

You - Nephew/Niece (Demonized - Half-brother/sister)

In love with:

Rose - Slave

Other relationships:

Arthur - ex-lover and co-worker

Lilaya owns Rose as a slave.



Quest Involvement

Main Quest

Side Quests