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Natalya Lunettemartu

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater Demon
HeightHeight in cm - 172cm (Height in inches - 5'7“)
Hair ColourBlack hair
Eye ColourTwo grey-green eyes
Horn ColourTwo black keratin
Antenna ColourNone
Wing ColourNone
Tail ColourOne black tail
ArmsTwo arms
LegsFour unguligrade legs
Skin ColourPale lilac
Breast SizeE-cup
Penis SizeEnormous (46cm/5')
Testicle SizeHuge
Cum ProductionAn extreme amount of (500ml)

Mental Description

FetishesButtslut, Dominant, Size queen




Holding the prestigious title of 'Stable Mistress' at the delivery company, 'Dominion Express', Natalya is responsible for the training and care of over fifty centaur slaves.​ While she tries her best to remain calm and professional at all times, her lustful demonic urges sometimes get the better of her…



Natalya is a womanly greater succutaur shemale.​ The enormous bulge between her legs, combined with her feminine appearance and sizeable breasts, leads everyone to believe that she's a shemale.​ Standing at full height, she measures 1.72 metres/5'7”.​ Her entire lower body, from the waist down, has transformed into that of a demonic-horse.​ Her legs, tail, ass, and genitals are completely feral in nature, and are identical to those of a demonic-horse's.​She appears to be in her late thirties.​


She has a gorgeous, demonic face, covered in pale lilac, smooth skin.​ She has a head of long, black, demonic hair, which has been styled into a bun.​ A pair of tiny, black, straight horns grow out of the upper sides of her forehead.​ She has a pair of demonic eyes, with round, grey-greenirises, vertical, black pupils, and white sclerae.​ Around her eyes, she's got a layer of blackeye liner.​ She's wearing a tasteful amount of purple, matte eye shadow.​ She has a pair of pointed demonic ears, which are covered in pale lilac, smooth skin, and which have been pierced.​


She has full, lilac lips, which are currently covered in purple, glossy lipstick.​ Her throat is fleshy-pink in colour.​ Her mouth holds a normal-sized, fleshy-pink tongue.​ It is very loose, and can comfortably accommodate objects of up to 15cm/5“ in diameter.​ Her throat is of an average depth, and as she is a size queen, she can be pushed to comfortably accommodate objects of a maximum length of 34cm/1'1”.​ Her mouth and throat are of a typical wetness, and she produces an average amount of saliva.​ Her throat is somewhat resistant to being stretched out, and after being used, it slowly recovers all of its original capacity.​


Her torso has a womanly appearance, and is covered in pale lilac, smooth skin.​ She has a slender, toned body, giving her a spry body shape.​


She has one pair of sizeable breasts, which fit comfortably into an E-cup bra.​ On each of her round breasts, she has one large, lilac nipple, with large, circular areolae.​
Her mammaries have internal, fleshy-pink channels, allowing her tight nipples to be comfortably penetrated by objects of 2.5cm/0.9“ in diameter when lubricated.​ Her fuckable teats are spacious, and as she is a size queen, she can be pushed to comfortably accommodate objects of a maximum length of 14cm/5”.​ They are extremely elastic, and after being used, they instantly return to their original capacity.​ Natalya has lost her nipple virginity.​
She is not producing any milk.​


She does not have any crotch-boobs or udders.


She has a pair of slender human-looking arms and hands, which are covered in pale lilac, smooth skin.​ Her fingernails have been painted in purple, smooth nail polish.


Her legs, being part of her demonic-horse's body, are entirely feral in nature.​ Her demonic, horse-like legs are covered in black, short hair, and her feet are formed into hard hoofs.​ Her legs and hoofs are unguligrade, meaning that she naturally walks on her hoofs.​
Her limbs are slim, and have an extremely feminine shape to them.​


Growing out from just above her ass, she has a feral, black, demonic-horse tail, which she can swipe from side to side, but other than that, she doesn't have much control over it.​ Her horse tail is of an average volume in proportion to the rest of her body.​ It measures 51 centimetres/1'8“ in length and, at the base, it measures 14 centimetres/5” in diameter (43 centimetres/1'4“ in circumference).​ It does not taper off from the base, and is a constant diameter all the way to the end.​ It is not suitable for penetrating orifices.​


Her very wide hips and huge rear end are part of her feral lower body, and are covered in pale lilac, smooth skin.​ She has a demonic, ebony-rimmed anus, with fleshy-pink internal walls, the rim being slightly darker than the skin around it.​ Being a part of her bestial lower body, it is entirely feral in form, and is no different to that of a feral demonic-horse's.​ It is very loose, and when lubricated can comfortably accommodate objects of up to 15cm/5” in diameter.​ Her ass is cavernous, and as she is a size queen, she can be pushed to comfortably accommodate objects of a maximum length of 1.22m/4'.​ Natalya has lost her anal virginity.​ Its surface is always wet and slimy, presenting a well-lubricated orifice for penetration.​ It is extremely elastic, and after being used, it instantly recovers all of its original capacity.​ The rim of her asshole has swollen up into a puffy, doughnut-like ring.​ The inside of her asshole is lined with sensitive, fleshy ribs, which grant her extra pleasure when stimulated.​ She has a series of internal muscles lining the inside of her back door, allowing her to expertly squeeze and grip down on any intruding object.​


She has a thick, 46 centimetre/1'6“ demonic cock, which is covered in ebony, smooth skin, with pale lilac mottling.​ It measures 14 centimetres/5” in diameter (45 centimetres/1'5“ in circumference).​ As her genitals are located on the animal portion of her body, her dick is identical in functionality to that of a feral demonic-horse's.​ When not in use, it retreats back into the sheath at its base.​ The head is wide and flared.​ Large veins press out from its surface.​ Natalya has lost her penile virginity.​
There is no trace of any hair around the base of her cock.​
Her two balls are covered in pale lilac, smooth skin, and hang down beneath her cock.​ They produce an extreme amount of musky jizz.​ Her jizz, much to nobody's surprise, tastes like cum.​ It has a strong, musky smell.​ It's quite sticky, and is difficult to fully wash off without soap.​ It has a slimy, oily texture.​


You can only initially meet her during Helena's romantic quest where she and her cart deliver shipments ordered by the harpy matriach while you're tasked to wait for such shipments to arrive at her shop. Then there are one-time option to sneak on her masturbating at the isolated alleyway nearby the shop which can progress into having sex with her. After that you can find her in the Warehouse District in her office which she'll offer you a contract to be her filly. You can have sex with her once per day based on the privilege of your collar. Rejecting her offer will cause her to be permanently removed from the game and you banned from entering Dominion Express ever again.


“My name is Natalya Loviennemartu, and I hold the prestigious title of 'Stable Mistress' at the fine institution known throughout Lilith's Realm as 'Dominion Express'.​ Due to the exceptional circumstance of receiving a contract from Helena herself, I thought it prudent to oversee this delivery in person.​ Please inform her that I have arrived!” - Natalya

“I am pleased to see you here again, filly.​ I knew you'd come and see me again” - Natalya

“Y-You're not going to order me to submit to you, are you? You're just a submissive, anal-loving filly slut! D-Don't forget that!” - Natalya


Her overall combat proficiency is unknown and she's unarmed.


Unknown as she's not combatable

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

  • -

Side Quests

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Romantic Quest

  • Filly Training