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Wolfgang Meyer

Wolfgang Meyer

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater Dobermann
HeightHeight in cm - 190cm (Height in inches - 6'2“)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourTwo brown eyes
Horn ColourNone
Antenna ColourNone
Wing ColourNone
Tail ColourOne black, tan-marked tail
ArmsTwo arms
LegsTwo digitigrade legs
Skin ColourBlack, tan-marked fur
Breast Size-
Penis SizeAverage (18cm/7”)
Testicle SizeLarge
Cum ProductionA huge amount (65ml)

Mental Description

FetishesCum stud, Vaginal, Dominant


Level 12
Physique 24
Arcane 1
Corruption 0
Energy 154
Aura 5

Wolfgang is the senior of the two dobermanns who decided to drive out all the clothing suppliers from the Shopping Arcade.

Slaves owned by the character / character is owned by:


Quest Involvement

Main Quest

  • -

Side Quests

  • Suppliers Issues