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 ^Lactation|0ml| ^Lactation|0ml|
 ^Penis Size|Small (3 inches)| ^Penis Size|Small (3 inches)|
-^Testicle Size|Tiny ​(1)|+^Testicle Size|Tiny|
 ^Cum Production|Average (11ml)| ^Cum Production|Average (11ml)|
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 ^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks| ^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks|
-|10|24|0|29|Deflowering,​ Exhibitionist, Sadist, Non-consent|N/​A|+|10|24|0|29|Deflowering,​ Exhibitionist,​ Non-consent, Sadist|N/A|
 ===== Quest Involvement ===== ===== Quest Involvement =====