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 ==== Physical Description ==== ==== Physical Description ====
-^Species|Lesser ​Catgirl|+^Species|Lesser ​[[:​wiki:​races:​cat|]]|
 ^Gender|Female| ^Gender|Female|
 ^Hair Colour|Black| ^Hair Colour|Black|
 ^Eye Colour|Blue| ^Eye Colour|Blue|
 ^Skin Colour|Light| ^Skin Colour|Light|
-^Breast Size|B ​Cup|+^Breast Size|B-cup|
 ^Lactation|0ml| ^Lactation|0ml|
 ^Penis Size|N/A| ^Penis Size|N/A|
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 ^Sexuality|Ambiphilic| ^Sexuality|Ambiphilic|
-^Fetishes|Receiving ​Oral|+^Fetishes|Oral|
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 ^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks| ^Level^Physique^Arcane^Corruption^Fetishes^Attacks|
-|10|20|0|28|Receiving ​Oral|Scratch|+|10|16|0|21|Oral|Scratch|
 ==== Desires ==== ==== Desires ====