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Blaze Triggs

Physical Description

Height183cm (6')
Hair ColourRed slime hair
Eye ColourTwo amber slime eyes
ArmsTwo arms
LegsTwo plantigrade legs
Skin ColourOrange
Breast Size-
Penis SizeHuge (152cm/5')
Testicle SizeHuge
Cum ProductionA huge amount (30ml)

Mental Description

FetishesExhibitionist, Incest


Level 15
Physique 21
Arcane 6
Corruption 85
Energy 203
Aura 5


Blaze is one of the Slime Queen's guards, tasked to challenge anyone who dares to enter his Queen's territory.



Blaze is a masculine greater slime-boy male.​ Due to his exposed dick, everyone assumes that he's a male on first glance.​ Standing at full height, he measures 1.83 metres/6'.​ He appears to be in his mid-twenties.​

Blaze's entire body, save for a small, glowing sphere in the place where his heart should be, is made out of orange, squishy slime! He doesn't need to have any parts of his body pierced in order to equip jewellery, as he can freely morph his body at will!


He has a masculine, human face, made entirely from orange, gooey slime.​ He has a head of short, red, human hair, which is unstyled and very messy.​ He has a pair of normal, human eyes, with round, amberirises, round, orange pupils, and yellow sclerae.​ He has a pair of normal, human ears, which are made from orange, gooey slime.​ He doesn't have any trace of facial slime.​


He has average-sized, red lips.​ His throat is glowing red in colour.​ His mouth holds a normal-sized, luminescent red tongue.​ He's never given head before, so is unsure of how much he could fit down his throat.​


His torso has a boyish appearance, and is made from orange, gooey slime.​ He has a slender, toned body, giving him a spry body shape.​


He has a completely flat chest, with a single pair of pecs.​ On each of his pecs, he has one tiny, red nipple, with tiny, circular areolae.​
He is not producing any milk.​


He has a pair of normal human arms and hands, which are made from orange, wet slime.​


His legs and feet are human, and are formed out of orange, wet slime.​ His legs and feet are plantigrade, meaning that he naturally walks with his feet flat on the ground.​
His limbs are toned, and have a masculine shape to them.​


His narrow hips and small butt are composed entirely of orange, wet slime.​ He has a human, red-rimmed anus, with luminous red internal walls, the rim being slightly darker than the skin around it.​ It is extremely tight, and when lubricated can comfortably accommodate objects of up to 0.7cm/0.2“ in diameter.​ His ass is fathomless, allowing him to comfortably accommodate 87cm/2'10” of a penetrative object, and as his body is made out of slime, he can be pushed to uncomfortably accommodate objects of any length.​ Blaze has retained his anal virginity.​ It constantly drools with natural lubrication, and its sopping wet entrance is always ready for penetration.​ It is extremely elastic, and after being used, it slowly recovers all of its original capacity.​


He has a thick, 23 centimetre/9“ human cock, which is made entirely from red, squishy slime.​ It measures 7 centimetres/2” in diameter (22 centimetres/8“ in circumference).​ Blaze has lost his penile virginity.​
There is no trace of any slime around the base of his cock.​
His two testicles are made from orange, wet slime, and dangle down beneath his cock.​ They produce an average amount of salty seed.​ His seed, much to nobody's surprise, tastes like cum.​ It's quite sticky, and is difficult to fully wash off without soap.​ It has a slimy, oily texture.​


You caught him and his sister kissing each other when you're infiltrating the slime queen's tower, in which they'll respond to you in rather hostile manner. You can bluff them by being a slime or acting like a servant (Butler/Maid background). Failure to meet at least one of those requirements will left you with the option to fight them. After meeting Catherine you can talk or have threesome with the siblings.

Known relationships:


Crystal - Sister

Other relationships:

Catherine - His queen

Maximilian - Fellow royal guard


“Calm down, Crystal.​ I don't care who sees us doing those things, but right now, we need to remember our duty! We must protect the Queen!” - Blaze

“Hey, [player name]! Her Majesty's ordered us to let you come and go as you please, but you've got time to have some fun, right? Crystal over here was just begging for me to fu-” - Blaze


His overall combat proficiency is good and he's armed with burning sword and buckler. His moveset mainly consist of fire-elemental melee attacks with incest tease as his erotic attack. Due to him being a slime it is advisable for you to equip elemental weapons or use spells as he boasts really high physical shielding.


Once defeated in combat he'll drop random slime-related loot.

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

  • -

Side Quests

  • Slime Queen