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Jhortrax Liannamartu

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater Demon
HeightHeight in cm - 205cm (Height in inches - 6'7“)
Hair ColourBlack hair
Eye ColourTwo yellow eyes
Horn ColourRed keratin
Antenna ColourNone
Wing ColourLarge scarlet wings
Tail ColourOne scarlet tail
ArmsTwo arms
LegsTwo plantigrade legs
Skin ColourScarlet
Breast Size-
Penis SizeHuge (30cm/9”)
Testicle SizeHuge
Cum ProductionMonstrous amount (900ml)

Mental Description

FetishesCock stud, Cum stud, Dominant, Impregnation, Vaginal




The leader of one of Submission's imp fortresses, the incubus and his all-male gang of imps take great pleasure in breeding anyone foolish enough to oppose their ruler, 'The Dark Siren'…



Jhortrax is a very masculine greater incubus male.​ The huge bulge between his legs, combined with his masculine appearance, leads everyone to believe that he's a male.​ Standing at full height, he measures 2.05 metres/6'8“.​ He appears to be in his late thirties.​


He has an extremely handsome, demonic face, covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ He has a head of shoulder-length, black, demonic hair, which is unstyled and very messy.​ A pair of long, red, straight horns grow out of the upper sides of his forehead.​ He has a pair of demonic eyes, with round, yellow irises, vertical, black pupils, and white sclerae.​ He has a pair of pointed demonic ears, which are covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ He doesn't have any trace of facial hair.​


He has average-sized, scarlet lips.​ His throat is fleshy-pinkin colour.​ His mouth holds a normal-sized, fleshy-pink tongue.​ He's never given head before, so is unsure of how much he could fit down his throat.​


His torso has a manly appearance, and is covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ He has a large, ripped body, giving him a buff body shape.


He has a completely flat chest, with a single pair of pecs.​ On each of his pecs, he has one tiny, scarlet nipple, with tiny, circular areolae.​
He is not producing any milk.​


He has a pair of slender human-looking arms and hands, which are covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​


His legs and feet are human in shape, but are covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ His legs and feet are plantigrade, meaning that he naturally walks with his feet flat on the ground.​
His limbs are strong, and have a very masculine shape to them.​


Growing from his shoulder-blades, he has a pair of large, leathery, demonic wings, which are covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ They are large and powerful enough to allow him to fly!


Growing out from just above his ass, he has a spaded, scarlet demonic tail, over which he has complete control, allowing him to use it to grip and hold objects.​ His tail is slender in proportion to the rest of his body.​ It measures 2.05 metres/6'8” in length and, at the base, it measures 10 centimetres/3“ in diameter (31 centimetres/1” in circumference).​ It rapidly tapers off from the base, and so at the tip, it is 2 centimetres/0.7“ in diameter (6 centimetres/2” in circumference).​ When used to penetrate an orifice, a maximum of 1.64 metres/5'4“ can be inserted.​


His narrow hips and small rump are covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ He has a demonic, scarlet-rimmed anus, with fleshy-pink internal walls, the rim being slightly darker than the skin around it.​ It is tight, and when lubricated can comfortably accommodate objects of up to 2.5cm/0.9” in diameter.​ His ass is deep, allowing him to comfortably accommodate 49cm/1'7“ of a penetrative object, and uncomfortably accommodate 98cm/3'2”.​ Jhortrax has retained his anal virginity.​ Its surface is always wet and ready for penetration.​ It is extremely elastic, and after being used, it instantly recovers all of its original capacity.​ He has a series of internal muscles lining the inside of his back door, allowing him to expertly squeeze and grip down on any intruding object.​


He has a fat, 30 centimetre/11“ demonic cock, which is covered in scarlet, smooth skin.​ It measures 11 centimetres/4” in diameter (33 centimetres/1' in circumference).​ It's lined with hard, fleshy ribs, which are sure to grant extra pleasure to any orifice that they penetrate.​ A series of little tentacles coat its surface, which wriggle and squirm with a mind of their own.​ It is prehensile, and can be manipulated and moved much like a primate's tail.​ Jhortrax has lost his penile virginity.​
He has a natural bush of black, silken hair around the base of his cock.​
His two balls are covered in scarlet, smooth skin, and hang down beneath his succubus-dick.​ They produce a monstrous amount of hot jizz.​ His cream, much to nobody's surprise, tastes like cum.​ It's quite sticky, and is difficult to fully wash off without soap.​ It has a slimy, oily texture.​


Once you've entered his keep in Submission, you're not allowed to leave and are challenged by him in a duel. You can do Tameshigiri to prove your bladed weapon's and technique are superior, ask him about 'The Dark Siren', attack, or surrender. He can be re-encountered after finishing main questline, The Siren's Call.

Known relationships:

The Dark Sirens:

Fyrsia - One of the imp leaders

Meraxis - Boss

Hitomi - Youko scientist

Hyorlyss - One of the imp leaders


“What have we here, hmm?! A new challenger come to test Jhortrax's mettle?!” - Jhortrax

“None who enter my dojo uninvited may be permitted to leave without being duly punished.​ Fifteen years have I spent training with the youko of the Shinrin Highlands.​ You stand no chance against my katana and I.​ Submit to me!” - Jhortrax


His overall combat proficiency is elite and he's armed with the daisho set, which is a combination of katana and wakizashi. His moveset are based on normal and fire-elemental melee attack with few kinds of tease as his erotic attack


Once defeated in combat, he'll drop random demon-related loot and one of the key to the main citadel. The key can also be obtained through peaceful means.

Quest Involvement

Main Quest

  • The Siren's Call

Side Quests

  • -