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Murk Triche

Murk Triche

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater Rat-Boy
Hair ColourDark brown fur
Eye ColourTwo yellow eyes
Tail ColourOne pale pink rat tail
LegsTwo digitigrade legs
Breast SizeFlat
Penis SizeHuge (32cm)
Testicle SizeHuge
Cum ProductionAn extreme amount (350mL)

Mental Description

FetishesDominant, Exibitionist, Sadist



Short, chubby, and with a love for openly displaying his disproportionately huge cock, the rat-boy known as Murk is not exactly known for either his looks or modesty. Instead, his undesirable reputation throughout the Rat Warrens has been gained from the open knowledge that he's selfish, cowardly, and has a cruel streak bordering on sadism. Although anyone else would have been subjected to relentless bullying for continuously displaying these less-than-admirable qualities, Murk's fellow gang members tolerate him due to the fact that he runs what he calls the 'Milking Room'. This aptly-named area is home to several kidnapped humans, who have been transformed so as to provide both a steady supply of milk and a welcome source of sexual release to Vengar's gang members.


  • Cowardly: Murk gets scared very easily, and will prefer to run away from conflicts rather than try to resolve them directly.​
  • Selfish: Murk always puts himself first, and is highly unlikely to do anything that doesn't directly benefit him.​
  • Slovenly: Murk speaks in a very slovenly manner; dropping syllables and with poor pronunciation, his speech can often be very hard to understand.​
  • Lewd: Murk has an extensive knowledge of all things sexual, and is always eager to talk about lewd things.​

Quest Involvement

Side Quests

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