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Shadow Werlock

Shadow Werlock

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater Rat-girl
Hair ColourPitch black fur
Eye ColourTwo green eyes
Tail ColourEbony rat tail
Breast SizeB-cup

Mental Description

FetishesDominant, Giving Oral, Sadist



As her adopted name, 'Shadow', suggests, this sneaky rat-girl is an unrivalled expert at sneaking around and remaining unseen when moving by cover of darkness.​ Her considerable stealth skills are greatly enhanced by the fact that she has pitch-black fur and ebony skin, making her nigh impossible to spot when in a poorly-illumanted area.​
While her lust is not quite as insatiable as her companion, Silence, Shadow does often find herself feeling extremely horny, and thinks nothing of using her finely-honed stealth abilities to ambush innocent people and force herself upon them at blade-point.​ From this indiscriminate targeting of those around her, combined with rumours of her previous employers being stabbed in the back, Shadow has a reputation for being underhanded and treacherous.​
Despite her ill repute, she has earned a place as a personal bodyguard for the dangerous gang leader, 'Vengar'.​ Joined by Silence, the one person she is unshakably loyal to, she is sworn to protect Vengar from any harm that might befall him.​

Shadow loves Silence
Shadow is indifferent towards Vengar


  • Slovenly: Shadow speaks in a very slovenly manner; dropping syllables and with poor pronunciation, her speech can often be very hard to understand.​
  • Lewd: Shadow has an extensive knowledge of all things sexual, and is always eager to talk about lewd things.​
  • Confident: Shadow is very assertive and sure of herself.​
  • Brave: Shadow always acts in a courageous manner, and is not one to shy away from a fight.​

Quest Involvement

Side Quests

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