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Silence Wildeyes

Silence Wildeyes

Physical Description

SpeciesGreater rat-girl
Hair ColourWhite fur
Eye ColourTwo luminescent pink eyes
Tail ColourPale rat tail
Breast SizeDD-cup

Mental Description

FetishesDominant, Receiving Oral



Having fur as white as snow, and skin as pale as a ghost, this albino rat-girl would strike an eye-catching figure even if not for the fact that her pink eyes emit a fierce luminescent glow.​ While her unusual eyes allude to the fact that she possesses exceptional arcane abilities, nobody has much of a chance of getting her to reveal the secrets of her past, for she is completely mute.​
Thanks to this inability of hers to talk, she's been given the name 'Silence', but what she lacks in verbal communication she more than compensates for in her sexual appetite.​ Seemingly in a perpetual state of horniness, this lewd rat-girl can often be found riding a stranger's cock, or even more commonly, forcing them to perform oral on her.​
Silence is a personal bodyguard for the dangerous gang leader, 'Vengar'.​ Joined by her long-time companion, Shadow, she is sworn to protect the rat-boy from any harm that might befall him.

Silence worships Shadow
Silence is friendly towards Vengar


  • Kind: Silence always tries to be kind and considerate of others, sometimes even to the detriment of her own happiness.​
  • Mute: Silence is a mute, and while she can make some lewd noises when in the grips of passion, she is otherwise completely unable to speak.​
  • Lewd: Silence has an extensive knowledge of all things sexual, and is always eager to talk about lewd things.​

Quest Involvement

Side Quests

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