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Lilith's Throne Setup and FAQ

What is Lilith's Throne?

It's a fetishy textual porn game project, let's get that out of the way. It's created and developed by Innoxia and supported by backers.

You take the role of someone transported from our normal Earth to an alternate version of England which is permeated by sexy magics.

There is much optional content with emphasis on sex, demons, transformation, slavery, and furry aspects. It has a lot of customization of characters, varied fetishes, what spawns ingame, and crafting of enchanted equipment and transformational items. The sex system lets you perform your own scenes using a back-and-forth style, selecting from actions and positions. The combat system includes skirmishing, seducing, and spellcasting your way to defeat or victory; there is no killing in the game.

The game is currently in Alpha which means a lot can and will change during its development.

Where can I find the game, help, and discussion?

The official Lilith's Throne blog contains the most current information about the game's progress and resources.

There's a Discord server! Come on over to chat with the community. The blog has the link to join.

Download Lilith's Throne

Get the latest public release in zip archive format from the Mega links or Google drive. If you download from Google drive make sure to use the Download All button which will download a zip with everything needed in it.

Both versions, jar and exe, will have their respective game program file plus a res folder, disclaimer.txt, and README.txt. The exe version has a jre1.8.0_172 folder which contains certain required java files. The game is made with Java 8 which is required to run the jar version but the exe does not require a java installation.

Unzip the game into its own folder.

Unzip the archive into its own folder.
This folder should be somewhere you can run programs from. Attempting to play the game without extracting it first will prevent saving and other issues.
The game will complain about a missing res folder if it hasn't been fully extracted or only the exe/jar was downloaded.

What about the non-public versions?

Backers get access to downloads of all the latest game builds. There's a project page to support the game on SubscribeStar.

You can also compile the game's latest versions for yourself from source off Github. See the tutorial on compiling or the file.

Starting the game

Double-clicking the jar or exe will start the game usually, but it may take a second to show up when first launched.
It will create a data folder alongside itself and the res folder. Inside data is where your saves and exported characters will show up in their own folders, along with the game's configuration and user settings file properties.xml. If double-clicking the jar opens a folder then your computer's default action is opening it as an archive instead of running it. On Windows this can typically be fixed by right-clicking the jar and selecting Open With…, then Java.

While the jar version of the game works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, the exe version of the game only works on Windows computers.

New games

You should see the game's main menu, letting you start a new game with the obviously labelled New Game button. The main menu is accessible through the cog icon in the bottom left and the Esc key whenever you need it. The game's main set of buttons have keyboard shortcuts noted in the top right of each button.

After hitting New Game, reading and accepting the disclaimer, and glossing over the changelog, it will show the Content Preferences for the game's install. It's worth going through and adjusting them to your liking and gives a sense of some potential content in the game. Note that the preferences are reset with each new install unless preserved manually, please see the section below dealing with game data.

Once satisfied with the content settings click the Start button for a new character and move on to character creation, or Start (Import) using a character file. Any character that's been exported from your own games or export files downloaded from others and put in the data/characters / folder will show up when importing.


The game has a few settings. Due to the customizable nature of the game besides things like interface, keybinds, and difficulty you're likely going to want to take a look at some of them. They can be changed at any point in the game, feel free to tweak things however you want. You can always reset them. Note that many of these will not affect NPCs that are not generated and some content may violate preference settings, though a notice and the ability to avoid the content is intended.


  • Keybinds
  • Light/Dark Theme
  • Font-Size
  • Fade-in
  • Gender Pronouns
    • Gender pronouns and names
  • Gender Preferences
    • Gender rates for spawned NPCs
  • Orientation
    • Sexual orientation rates for spawned NPCs
  • Age
    • Age rates for spawned NPCs
  • Furry
    • Human encounter rates for spawned NPCs
    • Taur body preference for spawned NPCs
    • Forced TF limits for dynamically generated TF potions used by NPCs
    • Sub-race specific body preferences and spawn rates
  • Units
    • Options to use either Imperial or Metric for volume, weight, and distances, as well as time/date format.
  • Difficulty
    • Options for altering the difficulty of the game, which adds a scaling bonus to enemy levels. Does not permanently affect NPCs.

Game Data, Saves, and New Versions

Lilith's Throne keeps its data in the same folder as the program executable. In order to keep game saves, preferences, or exported / imported characters you will need to preserve the data folder. After extracting the new version, copy the previous version's data folder and paste into the new version folder.

This will let you attempt to run the new version to verify it will run properly for you, whether your saves and preferences are compatible. If there is an issue with the new version, delete the data folder and then try again. If it works, something from the prior version is causing problem.