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Lilith's Throne Setup and FAQ Draft

What is Lilith's Throne?

Lilith's Throne is a text-based porn game, developed by Innoxia with support from backers on Subscribestar.

In the game, your character takes the role of a human transported from Earth to an alternate version of the UK with magic and magical creatures.
The game has a lot of optional content in it with an emphasis on sex, demons, transformation, slavery, and furry aspects. The characters are customizable with varied fetishes, clothes, and physical appearance. Items can be enchanted to grant them magic power or to create elixirs with buffs or transformative abilities. The sex system within the game allows you to create scenes with actions you and your partner(s) take, allowing you to change position and choose how you want to proceed. The game also has a combat system that includes physical fighting, spellcasting, and even seducing your enemies into compliance. The game features no death or killing, even in the bad end content.

The game is currently in Alpha, which means content can and will change as the development unfolds.

Where can I find the game, help, and discussion?

The official Lilith's Throne blog contains the most current information about the game's progress and resources.

There is an official Discord server for the community, you're welcome to join and talk about the game or get help with any issues. Invite

Download Lilith's Throne

You can get the latest public release from the blog,

the latest preview release from Subscribestar ($5+ backers),

or build the game yourself from Github. Instructions on how to build are included here and here.

The public release of the game has a .exe version for Windows, including an x32 version. The .jar version of the game requires a working Java install but works with any OS.

Note: the game works best with Java 8, but can work with Java 11 or 14 with an additional setup, which can be found here.

Unzip the game into its folder.

Unzip the .zip archive into its own folder, not on the Desktop or in the Downloads folder.
Running the game from within the .zip will prevent the game from saving, or cause instability/bugs. If the game has an error saying “Missing res folder”, then the .zip was not extracted properly or the folder is located somewhere the game can't run from.

Starting the game

On Windows, you can simply double-click the .exe/.jar and if the archive was extracted properly then it should run. It may take a few moments to appear. If when double-clicking the .jar it instead opens it as an archive then your system's default action is incorrect, this can be resolved by right-clicking the .jar and selecting “Open With…” in the context menu and then selecting “Java”. You can also tick a box to change this to the default action.

For Linux or Mac, additional steps may be required and are located here.

When the game starts, a new folder will be created called “data”, this folder will contain your save data and exported characters as well as game configuration and settings.

New game

When the game has started up, you'll be presented with the main menu where you can access the game settings and start a new game or load an existing one. Almost every button in the game has associated keybinds, the relevant keybind is referenced in the top right of each button.

When you start a new game, you'll be greeted with a disclaimer which you'll need to accept to play the game. After which you'll see the game's changelog, which you can read or just proceed through. Now you'll see the Content Preferences for the game, these are global across each save and can be found in the game settings. You'll want to read through and modify this to your preference, it also gives you a good idea of what kind of content you'll encounter in your playthrough.
Once you're satisfied with your decisions you can move on to creating your character or importing an existing one. You can find a collection of pre-made characters in Discord (#export-sharing).

You can import characters into the game, or find your exported ones by going into the data/characters/folder directory.


The game is highly customisable, and as such has a lot of settings you can change. Before starting your first game, it's recommended that you take a look at them and modify them to your liking. Other than content preferences, you can also change some interface settings, keybindings, and difficulty options. You can always reset your changes if you don't like them.
Take note that some content preferences do not modify existing, non-generated, NPCs and as such these encounters may contain content you wanted disabled. There will always be a warning and a method to avoid the encounter so you can proceed without it.

Game Data, Saves, and New Versions

All game data for Lilith's Throne is kept in a subdirectory of the main folder. If you'd like to backup or otherwise preserve game saves, preferences, or export/import characters then you'll need to copy the data folder. If you'd like to preserve this information when you upgrade to a new version of the game, then copy the data folder to the new install.
Be careful importing old version data into the new game, not all saves can be ported forward and not all settings files are still compatible. Test the game with a copy of your data before removing anything.


How do I change X body part/make X enchantment?

Beat an enemy to acquire an essence, then talk to Lilaya and she'll explain what to do. You can check here for a list of ingredients and their effects.

What does X attribute do?

Will X be added?

You can check the #suggestions channel of the discord server to find out what has been accepted and will be added at some point, you can also read the posts on the blog.

Can you add X to the game?

You can leave suggestions for the game in the #suggestions-discussions channel of the Discord server.

I can't run the game!

Read the troubleshooting guide here, if you still can't figure it out after you read that guide. Then you can ask for help in the #tech-support channel of the Discord server.

When I start the game, it just opens a folder with all the files!

Make sure you're opening it with Java and not through an archive program like Winrar/7Zip. Right-click the .jar executable and select “Open With…” in the context menu and select Java. You can also tick the box at the bottom to make that the default.

There's no map/the UI is bugged!

Update your local Java installation to the latest revision of that major version.

The game won't save!

The game needs to be extracted out of the archive it came in into its own folder before settings can be changed or the game saved.

How do I install mods?/I installed a mod but it doesn't work!

Make sure the game is at least version and you have the latest revision of your major version of Java. See the “RentalMommy” folder (res/mods/innoxia/clothing/rentalMommy) for an example of proper folder structure for mod installs. If you need further help, then go to #mod-discussion in the Discord server.

I really like this game! Is there any way I can support the developer?

Report bugs on the Discord server (#bug-reports/#bug-discussion), leave feedback in the discussion channels, tell your friends about the game, or back the development on Subscribestar.

How do I open the debug menu?

Check the end of the README.txt document.

How do I get the forbidden arcane spells?

Aside from teleport, you don't. The spells aren't implemented in the game through a quest yet, so they are locked unless cheated in.

How to be on the receiving end of milk capitalism?

Go to Elis and talk to Moonica in the Elis shopping zone and begin her quest, travel to the marked area on the map and proceed with the quest. When you're done you can work as a milk producer for Evelyn as long as you'd like. There is even an included bad ending.

Player Slavery?

Yes, this is planned and in some places already implemented. These are specially scripted events and are typically treated as bad endings. There is no plan to implemented player slavery outside of scripted interactions.