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This page lists every item category found in Lilith's Throne. The main categories are consumables, equipment and 'other' items. Each of these main categories is divided in to sub-categories in order to facilitate searching for specific items.

Items can generally be found in alleyways, dropped by enemies or purchased from vendors. Some unique items are rewarded for completion of a quest or can be found as loot by defeating a 'boss' during one of the quests of Lilith's Throne. It is important to note that not all vendors accept every kind of item. For information about the different vendors found in the game, see Characters.

On your journey through Lilith's Throne, any items you obtain will be 'discovered' and added to your phone's encyclopedia. In the encyclopedia you can find all of the items that are currently available in the game and find out whether the item in question has a special effect. In addition, a larger icon of the item can be viewed there. Once you discover an item it will be stored inside the encyclopedia across all of your save files.



Other Items