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Bottled Arcane Essence

A small glass bottle, with a little cork stopper wedged firmly in the top. Inside, the swirling pink glow of an arcane essence flickers and swirls about in a mesmerising, cyclical pattern.

These essences are physical, gaseous manifestations of arcane power, and are able to be infused into clothing and food items in order to create enchanted items and potions.
People who have a very high level of arcane power are also able to absorb arcane essences out of the aura of people orgasming or being defeated in combat near them, with lilin even being able to passively absorb essences in a radius of several thousand meters.
This does
not diminish the aura of the orgasming person, but it does cause their aura to strengthen, preventing additional essence absorption for a few hours.

It may be worth noting that, due to sexual pleasure derived from beating others, powerful arcane users who are sadists are able to absorb essences from those they abuse. Conversly, powerful arcane users who are masochists absorb essences from such beatings.


  • +1 Arcane essence

In addition to granting a single Arcane essence and racial damage corresponding to the imbue, specially imbued essences grant:

Bottled Cat-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Cow-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Demon Essence+2 Arcane
Bottled Imp Essence+5 Lust damage
Bottled Angel Essence+2 Arcane
Bottled Alligator-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Squirrel-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Rat-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Rabbit-morph Essence+5 Lust damage
Bottled Bat-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Dog-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Harpy Essence+5 Lust damage
Bottled Horse-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Reindeer-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Human Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Wolf-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Fox-morph Essence+2 Physique
Bottled Slime Essence+5 Lust damage


  • Value: ¤ 40 (Unimbued/Imp), ¤ 50 (Imbued), ¤ 75 (Demon)
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Consumed on use


Bottled Arcane essence's can be created at Lilaya's Lab by extracting absorbed essences. Additionally, they can be purchased from Vicky in the Shopping Arcade.