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Brown Rat's Burger

Picture Soon™

A double-cheeseburger, wrapped up in greaseproof paper. On the wrapper, there's a picture of a brown-furred rat-boy greedily shoving one of these burgers into his mouth.



  • ¤ 250

This item can be used as an ingredient at the enchantment table.

Transformative Effects

Face TypeRat-morph
Skin TypeRat-morph
Arm TypeRat-morph
Leg TypeRat-morph
Ear TypeRat-morph
Eye TypeRat-morph
Hair TypeRat-morph
Antenna TypeNone
Horn TypeNone
Tail TypeRat-morph
Wing TypeNone
Ass TypeRat-morph
Breast TypeRat-morph
Penis TypeRat-morph
Vagina TypeRat-morph