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Chaos Feather

A magical feather, the power of which can be harnessed as a weapon. Feathers like this are rumoured to have been plucked from a Lilin's wings.

Like demonstones, chaos feathers are powerful items that imbue your attacks with magic and allow you to cast spells when equipped. Chaos feathers grant one of the four damage types: fire, cold, poison, and physical, and each type has its own set of spells.

Well preserved chaos feathers will allow you to use more spells and grant you 1-3 bonus points in either strength, intelligence, or fitness.


  • Tier 1: Fireball, Ice shard, Poison nova, Slam - Attacks with a powerful projectile of the chaos feather's type.
  • Tier 2: Fire shield, Ice shield, Poison shield, Arcane shield - Protects the user against attacks of the chaos feather's type.

All chaos feathers have the same base damage, which is based on your level. Melee damage, spell damage, and damage from each damage type can be increased through perks, enchanted clothing, and attributes.


  • Tier 1:
  • Tier 2:
  • Tier 3: