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The majority of the consumables that can be found in Lilith's Throne will provide a character with a temporary attribute buff. These items, commonly known as ingredients, can yield an additional effect when they are enchanted. Ingredients are divided into two categories:

  • Drinks, which can be enchanted into potions.
  • Foodstuffs, which can be enchanted into elixirs.


Drinks, also known as 'stat ingredients' in the game, often restore a small amount of energy or aura and can provide a temporary buff to a character's attributes. Additionally, a few of these ingredients may increase a character's body stats for a short time. Alcoholic beverages will cause a character's intoxication level to increase.

When drinks are enchanted (and thus becomes a potion), it is possible to add a boost or drain to attributes if so desired. For a full list of enchantable effects, see Potions. The background colour of the item's icon indicates which attribute the ingredient is related to.


Foodstuffs, also known as 'race ingredients' in the game, will often grant a temporary increase in a character's attributes. In some cases, foodstuffs can also provide an increase in body stats (like femininity, for instance).

Foodstuffs can be enchanted (and thus become race-specific elixirs) to provide a semi-permanent transformative effect. The available transformations for an elixir depend on the base ingredient that is being enchanted. Enchanting a horse-morph's Sugar Carrot Cube will not allow you to add antennae, for example. To find each foodstuff's transformative effects, see Transformations. The picture in the background of a foodstuff's icon indicates which race the ingredient is related to.

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