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Default Attributes

Handedness One
Enchantments +3 Damage +6 Damage +6 Damage, +3 Shielding
Enchantment Capacity369
Value¤ 1,338¤ 1,875¤ 2,875
Value (unenchantmented)¤ 1,000¤ 1,500¤ 2,500


A common type of demonstone, the power of which can be harnessed as a weapon. Demonstones are rumoured to be crystallised essences of a Lilin's orgasm.

Like chaos feathers, demonstones are powerful items that imbue your attacks with magic and allow you to cast spells when equipped. Demonstones come in one of the four flavours: fire, cold, poison, and physical, and each flavour grants its own spell.

There are three tiers of demonstones, from weakest to strongest: opaque, misty, and clear. The clearer a demonstone is, the more powerful it is.


SlamFireballIce ShardPoison Vapours


Demonstones can be found in Dominion's Alleyways, stolen from defeated characters, or purchased from Vicky at Arcane Arts.