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 +====== Anal-only pastie ======
 +An adhesive strip of flexible plastic, designed to be stuck over someone'​s vagina in order to prohibit access.
 +The word '//​anal only//'​ make it clear as to which orifice this person prefers to have used.
 +Available at Slavery Administration in the Slaver Alley
 +They have a value of **¤500**
 +===   ​Effects: ​  ===
 +  * <font inherit/​inherit;;#​9b59b6;;​inherit>​Requires vagina</​font>​
 +  * <font inherit/​inherit;;#​9b59b6;;​inherit>​Seals pussy (including urethra)</​font>​
 +  * <font inherit/​inherit;;#​9b59b6;;​inherit>​Sex-equip enabled</​font>​