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The weapons category contains items that can be equipped on characters and will occupy a specific weapon slot. For each character, there are two available weapon slots. This means that you could equip two one-handed weapons, or one two-handed weapon. It is important to note that in the world of Lilith's Throne, weapons will drain the health of an enemy in combat instead of actually, physically hurting them. Instead, every weapon deals one of the four energy damage types: fire, cold, poison and physical (also known as forceful) damage. Depending on the weapon that is used, these damage types inflict a base damage. Damage dealt from each of these damage types can be increased further through Perks and Traits, Enchanting items and increasing a character's Attributes (character stats).

Magical items sometimes grant the ability to cast a spell. In the case of Demonstones and Chaos Feathers, the spell that is provided depends on the item's damage type.

There are several ways to acquire weapons in Lilith's Throne. They can be found in alleys, taken from the inventory of a defeated character, purchased from vendors (like Vicky) or rewarded for completing a quest.

Weapons can be customized by using a Dye Brush to dye it in a wide range of colours and patterns. Additionally, every weapon in the game can be reforged using a Reforging Hammer in order to change its damage type.

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