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Lexi's Lollipop

A cock-shaped lollipop that you got from the harpy matriarch Lexi. Although it looks to be made from regular candy, you're pretty sure that eating it would result in a potent transformation…


  • Nympho Harpy Transformation


  • ¤ 1250

Transformative Effects

Will transform to if smaller than:

Breast SizeC-cup
Ass SizeNormal
Hip SizeGirly
Hair TypeHarpy, Pink
Skin TypeHarpy, Pink
Face TypeHuman
Ear TypeHarpy
Eye TypeHarpy
Wing TypeNone
Horn TypeNone
Arm TypeHarpy
Leg TypeHarpy
Tail TypeHarpy
Breast TypeHarpy
Ass TypeHarpy

Will transform if the associated part already exists:

Penis TypeHarpy
Cum ProductionAverage
Vagina TypeHarpy
Vagina WetnessSlimy

Other Information

Lexi's Lollipop can only be obtained in the Angry Harpies quest by beating Lexi.