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Arcane Offspring Map

An arcane-enchanted map, obtained from Dominion's city hall, which is able to track the rough location of any of your offspring.

LocationBuy PriceSell Price
Dominion City Hall¤50,000N/A


  • Facilitates the discovery of offspring


The Arcane Offspring Map can be consulted from the inventory while in any of the following locations:

RegionAreaSubspecies Encounters
DominionAlleywayAny except ones listed below
DominionCanalAlligator-morphs, Slimes, Rat-morphs
Harpy NestWalkwayHarpies

The current tile must be unoccupied in order to consult the map.


  • It can be used an infinite number of times.
  • Despite not being involved in a quest, it is categorized as a quest item.