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Breeder Pill

A pink pill

A small, light-purple pill, packaged in a little foil and plastic wrapper. While the text printed on the foil identifies this pill as an 'Orally-Administered Reproduction Enhancer', it's colloquially known as a 'breeder pill', and temporarily boosts both fertility and virility when ingested.


  • +50% Fertility & Virility for 24 hours
  • Removes 'sterility pill' status effect


  • ¤ 20

Other information

Breeder pills can be found as random items in Dominion's Alleyways, or can be purchased from Ralph in the Shopping Arcade.

It is the opposite of a Sterility Pill, and a weaker version of a Broodmother Pill.

It is also known as a Vixen's Virility and a Slut Pill.