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Witch's Broom

Default Attributes

Enchantments+3 Arcane
Enchantment Capacity3
Value¤ 5,338
Value (unenchantmented)¤ 5,000


An old-fashioned wooden broom, consisting of a long pole with a bundle of flexible twigs attached to one end. The opposite end of the pole widens out a little, where there's a curious engraving of a pentagram etched into the wood.

Like demonstones, chaos feathers are powerful items that imbue your attacks with magic and allow you to cast spells when equipped. Chaos feathers come in one of the four flavours: fire, cold, poison, and physical, and each flavour grants its own spell.

There are two tiers of chaos feathers, normal and well-preserved. The more preserved a chaos feather is, the more powerful it is.


Its arcane power grants the ability to cast Witch's Seal and Witch's Charm.