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Angel's Kiss

Angel's Kiss is a brothel located near the center of Dominion. While formerly called 'The Demon's Kiss', the brothel is now named for the new madam of the establishment, Angel. You can talk to her about applying for a prostitution license. By default, Angel's Kiss hosts two prostitutes: Loppy, a lesser rabbit-morph futanari, and Bunny, a lesser rabbit-morph female. Both of them wear 'Playboy' bunny-esque outfits, consisting of stiletto heels, a Pantyhose, a lowback bodysuit, suit cuffs and a collar bowtie.

Prostitution license

In order to apply for a prostitution license, Angel requires you to pay a sum of five thousand flames (¤ 5000). When the payment is completed, you'll be able to legally charge people for having sex with you. You can choose to receive customers with you being in a submissive or dominant role. Furthermore, you can also buy an enhanced license for twenty-thousand flames (¤ 20000), which will allow you to assign any slaves that you might own as prostitutes.​ Finally, Angel will offer a deal where you can acquire the enhanced license for five thousand flames (¤ 5000), in return she requires you to find unregistered prostitutes working illegally in the alleyways and point them in the brothel's direction.