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Lilaya's Home


Lilaya's house is by far the most impressive building you've ever been in. The entrance hall that you find yourself standing in is alone far larger than your old flat, and is extravagantly decorated in a style befitting a royal palace. Fine paintings and marble busts line the walls, and a huge crystal chandelier hangs from the double-height ceiling, casting its warm light over a grand, red-carpeted staircase that leads to the upper floor.

The rest of the house is furnished in much the same manner and contains well over one hundred rooms. Despite its grand appearance and impressive size, the only member of staff you've ever seen is Lilaya's slave; the cat-girl maid called Rose. Lilaya herself spends almost every waking moment working in her lab, resulting in the house being eerily quiet for most of the time.


Birthing Room

Lilaya has had this room repurposed in order to be a suitable place for delivering children.

Instead of being carpeted, like most of the other rooms in this house, clean white tiles have been chosen for this room's flooring. A surprisingly modern-looking birthing bed is sitting against one wall of the room, but apart from that, there isn't much else in the way of medical equipment. A few comfortable chairs have been placed around the edges of the room, but other than those, and a drinks cabinet that's sitting in one corner, the room is devoid of any other furniture.

In anyone else's house, finding a room dedicated to delivering pregnancies might come as a bit of a shock, but Lilaya seems to be involved in all manner of strange things, so you shrug it off as just another peculiarity of this world.

Garden Courtyard

The garden courtyard consists of a series of wide, perfectly trimmed grass pathways, each one lined with beds of brightly-coloured flowers. Although Rose is now the one responsible for maintaining it, you guess that Lilaya must have hired a professional company in order to have had this area landscaped so perfectly.

Water Fountain

In the very centre of the garden courtyard, a huge, ornate water fountain happily bubbles away with a mind of its own. The structure is made up of a collection of intricate statues; each one of a beautiful woman in some manner of indecent pose.


Just like every other room in Lilaya's house, the kitchen is far larger than any you've ever set foot in before. A row of wooden cabinets, topped with polished granite, line the edge of the room, and a pair of long, free-standing worktops sit in the middle of the cavernous space. The kitchen's trio of cast iron ovens, combined with its rustic oak flooring and lack of any modern-looking appliances, give it a rather vintage look.

There's an open doorway set into one side of the room, and, looking through the opening, you see a series of fridges, freezers and larder units. Ingredients and foodstuffs of all shapes and sizes sit on open shelves, and you find yourself marvelling at the quantity and variety of supplies that are kept in stock.

The kitchen is deserted at the moment, and there doesn't really seem to be much to do here.


Walking down one of the aisles, you see a great deal of organisation has gone into the design of the room, and upon closer inspection, you see that the shelves are immaculately clean; evidence that a lot of care goes into its maintenance. As you walk, you scan the titles printed onto the spines of the books, but there's not really much that catches your eye. Only a few shelves really look to be of any interest, and you wonder if you should take some time to do a spot of reading…


General Knowledge:

  • Arcane Arousal
  • Lilith's Dynasty
  • Dominion's History

Races of Dominion:

  • Curious kitties
  • Demonic origins
  • Canine culture
  • All about Harpies
  • Equine Encyclopedia
  • Concerning Humans
  • Prowling Lupines

The Fields:

  • Chasing Squirrels
  • Milking Cows

Reading Arcane Arousal or Lilith's Dynasty improves core Intelligence by 1.0 each.

Lilaya's Lab

The walls are covered in shelving, holding what must be hundreds, if not thousands, of ancient-looking leather-bound tomes. Most of the room, however, is occupied by a series of long tables, each covered in strange glass vials, odd-looking instruments, and bottles of glowing liquids.

Lilaya is hovering close by, ready to answer any questions you might have. Her cat-girl maid, Rose, is dutifully standing in one corner of the room, ready to assist with any request her mistress might make.

Lilaya's Room

Turning the door's handle, you find that your suspicions were correct in that it's not locked. Peeking through the gap in the door as you open it, you breathe a sigh of relief as you see that Lilaya's room is currently deserted. Stepping through and closing the door behind you, you find yourself standing in your demonic aunt's bedroom.

Lilaya's serious, mature attitude is in stark contrast to the girly nature of her personal space. You find yourself surrounded on all sides by every shade of pink imaginable; from the pale rose hue of the walls, to the offensively-bright hot pink sheets on her bed, you feel as though you can probably take a reasonable guess as to what Lilaya's favourite colour is. Some pieces of furniture, which have been painted white, along with the white ceiling and thick, cream carpet underfoot, are the only parts of her room that aren't one type of pink or another.

After taking in the surprisingly girly look of her room, the next thing that you notice is just how messy everything is. The doors of her ceiling-height wardrobe have been left wide open, clothes are spilling out of half-closed drawers, and the floor is a complete minefield of dirty clothing, shoes, bags, hairbrushes, and all sorts of other miscellaneous items. The mess even extends into her en-suite bathroom, and through the open door you can see crumpled towels littering the marble floor.

The huge, four-poster bed that dominates one side of the room seems to be the crowing achievement of Lilaya's messiness. A huge pile of clothes has been stacked up on top of the hot pink sheets, and you find yourself wondering just how she manages to sleep in there. Lilaya must have given Rose clear instructions to not tidy her room up, so, for whatever reason, you realise that she must like living in all this mess.

Rose's Room

Evidence of Rose's close relationship with Lilaya is apparent as you approach the cat-girl's room. Hanging on the door, there's a little home-made sign bearing her name, and underneath, in what is clearly Lilaya's handwriting, a little message reads: 'Lilaya's favourite pet'.

The door appears to be locked at the moment, and there's no sound of anyone stirring within. Rose seems to only allow herself some rest when she's sure that nobody else is around who might need her, so she's probably off in another part of the house at the moment.

Your Room

Your room is well-furnished, containing a king-sized bed, two sets of drawers and a full-height wardrobe. A row of windows provide a good view of the courtyard garden below, which is flanked on all sides by different wings of Lilaya's house.

Your private en-suite bathroom is accessible from here via a door on one side of the room. The bathroom is considerably larger than any other that you've used before, and is extravagantly decorated in marble and gold.

Like everything else that normally would have run on electricity in your world, the lighting, shower, and radiators all appear to be powered by the arcane.

Empty Rooms

If you have any slaves, these rooms can be modified for housing them.


This particular room has a series of large windows set into one wall, which allow a generous amount of natural daylight to flood out into the corridor when the door is left open. Stepping into the room to glance out of the windows, you find yourself looking down on the hustle and bustle of Dominion's busy streets.

Garden-View Room

This room has a series of wide, ceiling-height windows set into one wall, which allow a generous amount of natural daylight to flood out into the corridor when the door is left open. Stepping inside and walking over to the windows, you find yourself looking down on the house's garden courtyard.

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