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You find yourself walking through the area of Dominion known as 'Nightlife', which, due to the fact that it's currently day time, is all but deserted. The clubs and bars that line the streets are all closed, and the only people walking about this area are those that are on their way to other parts of the city.

Reading one of the club's signs as you pass, you see that all of the establishments in this area open at seven in the evening, and close at five the following morning. If you wanted to visit one of these clubs or bars, you'd have to come back at that time.

Points of Interest:

Watering Hole

The Watering Hole is a nightclub owned by Kruger.



The player can purchase drinks from the bar. These drinks will be immedietly consumed, but nevertheless will still apply their benefits.

The player can interact with the barmaid and the owner of the bar.

The player can use the toilets as many times as they so desire, even if they have not consumed anything for 8 billion in-game years. It is unknown if using the toilet will cause time to pass. Additionally, the player can use glory holes in the bathroom.

The player can search for a partner either as a sub or a dom. The player can choose what gender and race they look for. Upon finding a partner, the dominant partner will be able to lead the submissive partner around the nightclub and interact with them. Depending on how well the following interactions go, the dominant partner can lead the submissive partner to their residence and have sex, or, if the date goes poorly, storm off in a fit of rage, never to be seen again…

Any characters that have been encountered by searching can be saved, allowing the player to encounter that character once more, or told to screw off, causing the character to never be seen again.