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Pix's Playground

You find yourself standing before one of the largest frontages in the Shopping Arcade. The words 'Pix's Playground' are emblazoned in bright red lettering above the entrance, and beneath, you read the words 'Dominions #1 Gym!'.

Most of the gym's frontage is made up of large glass panels, allowing you to take a good look inside. From what you can see, the interior consists of a wide open space, filled with an impressive variety of gym equipment. Looking through the glass doors of the entrance, you see a dog-girl sitting behind the lobby's front desk.

Pix's Playground is the city gym found within the Shopping Arcade, which allows the player to train their stats. A single visit to the gym costs ¤10, or a permanent membership can be purchased for ¤800.

Cardio requires 40% Stamina and increases Fitness by 0.5.

Weights require 40% Stamina and increases Strength by 0.5.

The player can also have an intense personal training session with Pix, which requires 80% Stamina and raises both Fitness and Strength by 0.75 each.