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Ralph's Snacks

You make your way over, once again, to the only place in the shopping arcade that sells food to go. From the outside, it looks like an old-fashioned sweet shop, with large glass windows displaying all manner of exotic-looking food and drink. The words 'Ralph's Snacks' are painted in gold cursive letters above the entrance, and as you push the door open and step inside, a little bell rings to announce your arrival.

Ralph's Snacks, a store in the Shopping Arcade, sells items needed for customization and ingredients for enchanting.

A 25% discount can be obtained from Ralph in exchange for a blowjob. The discount decreases by 5% every time a customer discovers your activities.

The discount can be further increased in exchange for sex, for a maximum of 50% if you are not pregnant, or 45% if you are.

All discounts stay in effect for three days.