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Succubi's Secrets

You find yourself standing in a quiet corner of the Shopping Arcade, and before you, there's a dark, shut-up store front. Taking a closer look at this peculiarity in amongst all the other well-kept frontages, you notice some faded lettering above the doorway, which reads 'Succubi's Secrets'. Curious, you walk towards the entrance, where you see that there's a little sign hanging in the door's narrow window which reads 'Open for business'.

Succubi's Secrets is a beauty salon found within the Shopping Arcade, which allows the player to change their appearance with the services provided in the brochure.

kate, the owner of the salon, sells Piercings that can then be worn by the player.



Blusher¤ 25
Lipstick¤ 25
Eyeliner¤ 25
Eye shadow¤ 25
Nail polish¤ 25
Toenail polish¤ 25


Length¤ 25
Style¤ 50
Colour¤ 200
Feathers Colour¤ 200


Ear¤ 10
Nose¤ 25
Lip¤ 25
Navel¤ 25
Tongue¤ 50
Nipple¤ 50
Penis¤ 100
Vagina¤ 100


Irises¤ 200
Pupils¤ 200


Feathers¤ 200
Fur¤ 200
Hair¤ 200
Keratin¤ 200
Vagina¤ 200
Anus¤ 200
Lips & Throat¤ 200
Nipples¤ 200
Tongue¤ 200


Anal bleaching¤ 100
Body hair¤ 200
Facial hair¤ 50
Pubic hair¤ 50
Underarm hair¤ 50
Ass hair¤ 50