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 ===== Inhabitants ===== ===== Inhabitants =====
-  * [[:wiki:characters:finch|]]{{  :wiki:maps:dominion:slaversalley.png?400}} +  * [[:wiki:characters:dominion:finch|]]{{  :wiki:maps:dominion:slaversalley.png?400}} 
-  * [[:wiki:characters:scarlett|]]+  * [[:wiki:characters:dominion:scarlett|]]
 ===== Points of Interest ===== ===== Points of Interest =====
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   * Royal Dominion Company   * Royal Dominion Company
   * Cafes   * Cafes
-  * The Rear Entrance +  * Statue of the Fallen Angel 
-  * White Lilies +  * [[:wiki:locations:dominion:slaver_alley:scarletts_shop|Scarlett's Shop]] (subsequently known as Helena'Boutique)
-  * Viva Voce +
-  * Iron & Steel +
-  * A Woman's Touch +
-  * [[:wiki:locations:dominion:slaver_alley:scarletts_shop|Scarlett's Shop]] (subsequently known as Alexa'Pet Shop)+
   * [[:wiki:locations:dominion:slaver_alley:slavery_administration|]]   * [[:wiki:locations:dominion:slaver_alley:slavery_administration|]]
-  * [[:wiki:locations:dominion:slaver_alley:public_stocks|Public Stocks]]+  * [[:wiki:locations:dominion:slaver_alley:public_stocks|]]
-===== Slave Shops =====+===== Other Slave Shops ===== 
 +<tabbox The Rear Entrance> 
 +|**Description** |**Specialty** | 
 +|On one of the three sides of the square, a shop proudly displays an ass-shaped sign bearing the words, 'The Rear Entrance'. Knowing exactly what sort of slaves must be sold in there, you take a look through the large glass windows as you pass. Sure enough, you see that the slaves on display are all making sure to show off their asses, each of which is decorated by either a plain or jewelled butt-plug.|Buttsluts| 
 +<tabbox White Lilies> 
 +|On the far side of the square, a slave shop has had its frontage painted all in white, and in flowing pink lettering, the name 'White Lilies' is painted beside an artistic depiction of a bunch of the very same flowers. It's quite clear from the feminine decor, as well as the fact that all of the naked slaves in the windows are showing off their well-kept pussies, that this particular store specialises in slaves who are in possession of female genitals.|Virgins with vaginas| 
 +<tabbox Viva Voce> 
 +|On one side of the square, a rather shabby-looking slave store bears a mouth-shaped sign displaying the words, 'Viva Voce'. Beneath this, someone's scrawled some graffiti, and as you step forwards to take a closer look, you see that whoever wrote it wasn't the best at spelling, as it reads: 'It meens speakin fanci'.|Oral performers| 
 +<tabbox Iron & Steel> 
 +|In the far left corner of Slaver Alley's main square, there's a slave shop that's quite unlike most of the others. Whereas all the other buildings that you've passed have had ornately-painted signs and decorative frontages, the one before you is of a plain wooden finish, and has it's name, 'Iron & Steel', burnt into the framework.|Muscular men| 
 +<tabbox A Woman's Touch> 
 +|In the far right corner of Slaver Alley's main square, sits the slaver shop, 'A Woman's Touch'. The delicate pink lettering which proudly displays this establishment's name is painted over the dark purple silhouette of an hourglass-shaped woman.|Obedient women| 
 ===== Quest Involvement ===== ===== Quest Involvement =====