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Slaver Alley

As you navigate through the labyrinthine passageways of Dominion's back-alleys, you start to hear the faint murmur of voices somewhere before you. Proceeding with caution, you slowly step around the next corner, and find yourself looking into a small, well-kept courtyard.

Clean, grey cobblestones line the floor, and in the middle of the little square, surrounded by wooden benches, a bubbling stream of water cascades out of a finely-crafted stone fountain. On three of its sides, multiple narrow entrances link this area to the surrounding alleyways, but it's what's on the fourth that draws your attention. A huge, open gateway, flanked by a pair of muscular horse-boys, has been built into the wall, and it's through this opening that the sound of a busy marketplace can be heard.

As you step closer, neither of the guards react to your presence, and you notice that their attention is focused solely on who's trying to leave the area beyond. Crossing the courtyard, you see that the words 'Slaver Alley' have been cast into the dull iron framing of the gate, and on the walls to either side, promotional posters for different vendors have been plastered over the red bricks.

It looks as though any member of the public is free to come and go as they please.

Slaver Alley is a location nestled in the back alleyways of Dominion. The area is protected from arcane storms by a shield.


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