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Public Stocks

The collection of twenty-or-so public stocks, positioned right in the middle of a wide courtyard, is the first thing anyone sees when entering Slaver Alley.​ Used as a means of punishment for disobedient slaves, each one of the devices consists of a wooden frame, with holes for securing the occupant's arms and head.​ A small sign positioned next to each one informs members of the public as to what kinds of use have been permitted by the slave's owner.​

About half of the stocks in front of you are currently occupied, with most of the slaves on offer already being used by members of the public.​ As you walk past, you see that a few of the occupants are currently available…

There'll be 4 new randomly generated slaves available for you daily.

Each slaves is marked to signify which sex option is permitted:

  • Oral, for sex actions that uses mouth to pleasure their sex partner.
  • Vaginal, for sex action that uses vagina to pleasure their sex partner.
  • Anal, for sex actions that uses anal orifice to pleasure their sex partner.