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-====== Submission Entrance ======+====== Submission ======
-//In the middle of the street there is a large stairway leading down to the undercity of SubmissionA pair of enforcers are blocking anyone from going down.//+//The Undercity of Dominion. Houses and shops of all kinds have been tunnelled out and built into the walls, and, while not as busy as Dominion, there are enough people ambling by to fill the tunnels with a continuous background drone of chatter and laughter.​ There seems to be a heavy presence of Enforcers down here, and you can't go more than five minutes without seeing a patrol marching by.//
-**Scheduled for release in an update to version 0.2.0.**+Submission is an area located beneath [[:wiki:locations:dominion|]] that is recommended for level 15+. The main walkways are safe, but attacks are common in the tunnels surrounding the Imp Fortresses. 
 +===== Important People: ===== 
 +  * Fyrsia{{  :wiki:maps:dominion:submission.png?400|Outdated image}} 
 +  * Jhortrax 
 +  * Hyorlyss 
 +  * The Dark Siren 
 +===== Points of Interest: ===== 
 +  * Enforcer Checkpoint 
 +  * Lyssieth's Palace 
 +  * Imp Fortress A 
 +  * Imp Fortress F 
 +  * Imp Fortress M 
 +  * Imp Citadel 
 +  * Bat Caverns 
 +  * [[|Gambling Den]] 
 +===== Quest Involvement: ===== 
 +==== Main Quests: ==== 
 +  Into Submission 
 +  The Siren's Call