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-====== Submission ​Entrance ​======+====== Submission ======
-//In the middle ​of the street ​there is a large stairway leading down to the undercity ​of SubmissionA pair of enforcers are blocking anyone from going down.//+//The Undercity ​of Dominion. Houses and shops of all kinds have been tunnelled out and built into the walls, and, while not as busy as Dominion, ​there are enough people ambling by to fill the tunnels with a continuous background drone of chatter and laughter.​ There seems to be a heavy presence ​of Enforcers ​down here, and you can't go more than five minutes without seeing a patrol marching by.//
-**Scheduled ​for release ​in an update to version 0.2.0.**+Submission is an area located beneath [[:​wiki:​locations:​dominion|]] that is recommended ​for level 15+. The main walkways are safe, but attacks are common ​in the tunnels surrounding the Imp Fortresses. 
 +===== Important People: ===== 
 +  * Fyrsia{{ ​ :​wiki:​maps:​dominion:​submission.png?​400|Outdated image}} 
 +  * Jhortrax 
 +  * Hyorlyss 
 +  * The Dark Siren 
 +===== Points of Interest: ===== 
 +  * Enforcer Checkpoint 
 +  * Lyssieth'​s Palace 
 +  * Imp Fortress A 
 +  * Imp Fortress F 
 +  * Imp Fortress M 
 +  * Imp Citadel 
 +  * Bat Caverns 
 +  * [[​wiki:​doku.php?​id=:​wiki:​locations:​submission:​gambling_den|Gambling Den]] 
 +===== Quest Involvement:​ ===== 
 +==== Main Quests: ==== 
 +  ​Into Submission 
 +  ​The Siren'​s Call