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The vast expansive farmland surrounding Dominion is known as the 'Foloi fields', and is primarily inhabited by farmyard animal-morphs.

Although most of Foloi is a safe place to travel due to it primarily being made up of countless fenced-off farms and small villages, one must be wary of the wild, untamed grassland wilderness which surround the thick, dangerous forests bordering Foloi, as they are home to many different races– the majority of which are just as wild and untamed as the land they inhabit– while the forests are home to wild, predatory morphs…

It may be worth noting that Arcane Storms are considerably weaker than in Dominion, and while most people in the area will be hornier than usual, it's nothing special if they can control themselves enough to resist the storm's arousing effects.

Due to cow-morphs making up most of the Foloi fields' population, combined with cow-girls gigantic breasts and heavy lactation, the Foloi Fields are littered with milking sheds to take advantage of this.


Lilith assigned rulership of the Foloi region to Lunette, the belligerent and ill-tempered Elder Lilin. Infamous for treating her subjects like dirt with an army of demonic centaurs.

As even the most powerful of Lilin must subject to an Elder Lilin's wishes, the inhabitants are powerless to stop the abuse.

Points of Interest:

  • Elis
  • Farms
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