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Arcane Storm

DescriptionHuge streaks of pink and purple lightning arc through the sky as an arcane storm rages high above Dominion.

Although resistant to most of its arousing power, you're not completely unaffected, and you find yourself feeling a little hornier than usual.
Effects-5 Lust Shielding, Enhanced Libido, Double all Essence gains from sex & combat!

Arcane storms are a unique phenomenon in Lilith's realm. As the arcane is a sort of primal force which feeds from one's sexual energy. Although some might be able to easily resist their own arua's influence on thier libido. However, when they become fatigued, their aura responds by amplifying their sexual desires, causing them to become obsessed with sex.

This power, known to some as Lilith's Lust, is what causes the Arcane storms which seemingly exclusively erupt over Dominion.