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The enchanting system lies at the heart of the customization mechanics in Lilith's Throne. Using arcane essences, enchanting grants the player the ability to imbue Ingredients in order to create potions and elixirs that raise or lower Attributes (character stats) or apply Transformations, depending on which ingredient you use and which elements you select. Attribute effects from potions will be applied temporarily to a character's 'potion effects', while elixirs will provide a semi-permanent transformative effect (meaning the transformation can be undone, but it won't happen by itself).

Additionally, equipment can be enchanted with a wide range of attributes and effects. Instead of applying a temporary attribute effect like potions, enchanted equipment will provide their effects as long as the item is being worn. Furthermore, Clothing, piercings and tattoos can also be enchanted with transformative effects, much like elixirs. The major difference is that these transformations are not instant, instead requiring the item to be worn for a certain amount of time for the enchantment to activate and apply its effects. Transformative effects applied on clothing, piercings and tattoos can also be provided with a limit (for instance, the effect could provide a weekly breast size increase, but stop when the wearer's breast size reaches a DD-cup). Finally, enchanting allows you to remove jinxed clothing at the cost of arcane essences.

An item's added effects and custom name can be saved as an export, allowing the player to share them or quickly load enchantments on a multitude of items.


The ability to enchant items isn't available to the player at the start of the game. It has to be unlocked through the Enchantments, Essences, and Jinxes side quest (found on your phone under 'Side quests'). There are two ways to acquire this quest:

  • Experiencing an orgasm during sex, either by defeating an enemy in Combat or by having sex with a friendly character will lead to you absorbing their essence. This will start the first step of the quest.
  • Clothing found in alleys and as a reward from combat can sometimes be unidentified, indicating it's either enchanted or jinxed. Unidentified clothing can be equipped to discover its enchantment or identified at the Clothing Emporium for a price. If the clothing is jinxed, it will be magically sealed to your body, preventing you from removing it. This will start the first step of the quest.

Once you acquire an essence from defeating an enemy or if you are wearing a jinxed piece of equipment, talk to Lilaya in her lab. It is required that you have completed her initial tests before you're able to talk to her about enchanting. Once she has shown you how to use your stored essences in order to enchant items or remove jinxes, you will gain the ability to enchant items from your inventory.

Enchantment Capacity

Enchantment Capacity represents the amount of arcane enchantments that a character can deal with. If they cannot handle the enchantments, they will suffer penalties. Non-transformative stat-increasing enchantments from equipment and tattoos will count towards the 'stability cost' of that item. For example, a piece of clothing that grants its wearer +6 health and +2 physical resistance will have a total stability cost of 8. Each character starts with 10 enchantment capacity points, and this is increased by 1 per level. There are six perks which increase enchantment capacity, allowing a level 50 character to possess a total of 110 stability points. A character's maximum enchantment capacity is therefore calculated by:

10 + Level + Perk gains

If you wish to find out how much of a character's maximum enchantment capacity is currently being used, open their inventory. Information about their enchantment stability will be located above their equipment item slots.


A jinx can be placed on any item in the equipment category. Basically, this means that the item will seal itself on to its wearer, and the jinxed item can only be removed if you have completed the Enchantments, Essences and Jinxes side quest. Jinxed equipment can be found in alleyways, obtained as a reward from combat or purchased from a vendor, like Finch. You can also jinx equipment yourself, through the enchanting menu (also known as the 'Sealing' effect). The strength of the sealing effect can be adjusted by boosting or draining the enchantment effect and then adding that effect to the item you wish to jinx.

Boost/DrainRemoval costEssence cost
Minor Boost58
Minor Drain258
Major Drain50011

Removing a Jinx

Removing a jinx from an item can be done in two different ways.

  • If a character has equipped a jinxed item, like a slave's collar, the only way to remove it is by selecting the item in it's equipment slot. In the menu bar you will be able to select 'Unjinx' at a cost of arcane essence. The amount of arcane essences required to unjinx the item depends on how powerful the applied sealing effect is.
  • If you have an unequipped item with a sealing effect in your inventory, removing the jinx can be done through the enchantment menu. The amount of arcane essence required to remove the sealing effect is again, determined by how powerful the jinx is. Contrary to an equipped item however, the removal cost for an unequipped item's sealing effect is equal to the cost of applying the enchantment. This means that for a jinxed item with a removal cost of 100 arcane essences when it is equipped, the removal cost when unequipped is only 9 arcane essences, the same amount as is needed to place the sealing effect on the item in the first place.


Unless noted otherwise, the possible effects a potion can have range from -15, -10, -5, +5, +10, and +15. Otherwise, they will range from -60%, -40%, -20%, +20%, +40%, and +60%.

Clothing can be enchanted with many of the effects listed below, but there are a few exceptions:

Clothing cannot restore or drain health or aura, and the potency of their effects range from -3 to +3, whereas potions range from -15 to +15.

ItemsPotion TypePossible Effects

(Red Background)

Swamp Water

Bubble Milk

Canine Crush

Equine Cider

Squirrel Java

Wolf Whiskey

Black Rat's Rum

Rudolph's Egg Nog

Creates potions that affect physique and its related attributes

Restores/Drains Health (20%, 40%, 60%)

Max Health


Critical Power

Unarmed, Melee, or Ranged Damage

Physical Damage/Resistance

(Lavendar Background)

Fruit Bat's Juice Box

Feline's Fancy

Vanilla Water
Creates potions that affect arcane and its related attributes
Restores/Drains Aura (20%, 40%, 60%)

Max Aura


Spell Efficiency or Damage

Fire, Cold, or Poison Damage/Resistance

(Light Pink Background)

Harpy Perfume

Bunny Juice

Slime Quencher

Mince Pie
Creates potions that affect sexual attributes
Restores/Drains Aura (20%, 40%, 60%)



Lust Damage/Resistance

(Dark Pink Background)

Impish Brew

Lilith's Gift
Creates potions that affect corruption and sexual attributes
Restores/Drains Health and Aura (20%, 40%, 60%)




Lust Damage/Resistance


Gator's GumboAlligator-morph transformations
Kitty's RewardCat-morph transformations
Fruit Bat's SaladBat-morph transformations
Bubble CreamCow-morph transformations
Meat and MarrowWolf-morph transformations
Round NutsSquirrel-morph transformations
Sugar CookieReindeer-morph transformations
Brown Rat's BurgerRat-morph transformations
Bunny Carrot-CakeRabbit-morph transformations
Angel's TearsHuman-morph transformations
Sugar Carrot CubeHorse-morph transformations
Bubblegum LollipopHarpy-morph transformations
Canine CrunchDog-morph transformations


Weapons and clothing can also be enchanted. Instead of applying a temporary attribute effect like potions, enchanted equipment provide their effects as long as the item is being worn.

Furthermore, clothing and tattoos can also be enchanted with transformative effects, much like elixirs. Though the transformations are not instant, instead requiring the item to be worn for a certain amount of time for the enchantment to activate. They can also be given a limit, such as “Increase height every hour, unless the wearer is shorter/taller than 182cm”.

Other Items

Angel's NectarAngel's PurityPermanantly lowers corruption.
Hypno-WatchHypno-WatchAllows changing of sexual orientation.
Mystery KinkFetish EndowmentPotion that adds/removes specific fetishes, or adds/removes a random fetish.


If an item is enchanted and lacks a custom name, it will gain a suffix based on the most potent enchantment or the one at the top of the list.

Unarmed DamageMartial ArtsMartial Incompetence
Melee Weapon DamageMelee MasterMelee Incompetence
Ranged Weapon DamageRanged MasteryRanged Incompetence
Physical DamageForceSoftness
Fire DamageInfernoDying Embers
Cold DamageBlizzardSlush
Poison DamageVenomDilution
Lust DamageSeductionRepulsion
Spell DamageArcane PowerArcane Dulling
Spell EfficiencyProficiencyIncompetence
Critical PowerImpactFailure
Physical ShieldingToughnessSoftness
Fire ShieldingExtinguishingFlammability
Cold ShieldingWarmthFrostbite
Poison ShieldingAnti-VenomSickness
Lust ShieldingChasityTemptation
Transformative EnchantmentsTransformation