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Choosing a desire for a fetish is free, and taking a fetish costs 5 Arcane Essences allan please add details

Fetishes can gain XP and level up, for a maximum of 5 levels. As of the time of writing, fetishes leveling up does nothing.

I, Inexperienced10
II, Amateur50
III, Experienced100
IV, Expert200
V, Masterful200



DominantYou love being the dominant partner during sex, and you know just how to show your partners who's in charge.+5 Aura
Unlocks dominant tease
Weak to submissive tease
VaginalAlthough typically one of the most vanilla of all sexual acts, your love for performing vaginal sex has turned into a complete obsession.Unlocks pussy worship tease
Weak to pussy slut tease
Cock studYou are obsessed with penetrative sex. Thrusting your cock into any available orifice is all you can think about…Unlocks cock stud tease (Requires penis)
Weak to cock addict tease
AnalYou absolutely love giving anal sex. Using your partner's ass, claiming their asshole as your property, it all drives you crazy with lust!Unlocks anal tease
Weak to buttslut tease
Breasts loverYou have an obsession with breasts. Either big or small, if someone's got a pair (or more) of tits, you're going to be finding a way to use them.Unlocks breasts lover tease
Weak to breasts tease
Milk loverbUnlocks milk-lover tease
Weak to lactation tease
OralbUnlocks oral tease
Weak to oral performer tease
Leg loverbUnlocks leg lover tease
Weak to strutter tease
Dominant footbUnlocks dominant foot tease
Weak to submissive foot tease
Cum studbUnlocks cum stud tease (Requires penis)
Weak to cum addict tease
DefloweringbGain xp from taking virginities.
Impregnationb+5 Virility
Unlocks virility tease (Requires penis)
Weak to fertility tease
TransformerbHalves cost of all potion making
Kink advocatebEnjoy making others try new things!
Sadistb+5 Physical damage
All dealt health damage is increased by 5%
You take 10% of dealt health damage as lust damage
Gain 1 essence when you critically hit
Non-consentbIncreases arousal gain when partner is resisting sex
Orgasm denierbNone
VoyeuristbArousal boost while watching sex scenes
Bimbob+10 Lust damage
Talk like a bimbo


SubmissiveYou love being the submissive partner during sex. You'll do anything to show your submission, and will happily let your partner do whatever they want with you.+2 Physique
Unlocks submissive tease
Weak to dominant tease
Pussy slutAlthough typically one of the most vanilla of all sexual acts, your love for receiving all forms of vaginal sex has turned into a complete obsession.Unlocks pussy slut tease
Weak to pussy worship tease
Cock addictYou are hopelessly addicted to cock. Large, small, fat, thin, you really don't care about the looks, just so long as it's pumping in and out of one of your holes…Unlocks cock addict tease
Weak to cock stud tease
ButtslutYou absolutely love receiving anal sex. The thought of getting your ass pounded like a good little buttslut drives you crazy with lust!Unlocks buttslut tease
Weak to anal tease
BreastsYou have an obsession with your breasts. You love nothing more than pleasuring your partners with them, or showing them off to your many admirers.Unlocks breasts tease
Weak to breasts lover tease
LactationbUnlocks lactation tease
Weak to milk-lover tease
Oral performerbUnlocks oral performer tease
Weak to oral tease
StrutterbUnlocks strutter tease
Weak to leg lover tease
Submissive footbUnlocks submissive foot tease
Weak to dominant foot tease
Cum addictbUnlocks cum addict tease
Weak to cum stud tease
VirginitybGain 'pure virgin'
Suffer 'broken virgin'
Pregnancyb+5 Fertility
Unlocks fertility tease (Requires vagina)
Weak to verility tease
Test subjectbIncreases potency of receiving forced transformations
Disables ability to spit out TF potions
Kink curiousbRemoves corruption gain when a fetish is forced on you
Masochistb+2 Physical shielding
All incoming health damage is reduced by 25%
Reduced damage is converted to lust damage
Gain 1 essence when you are critically hit
Unwilling fuck-toybIncreases arousal gain when you are resisting sex
Self-denialb+1 Physical shielding
+2 Lust shielding
ExhibitionistbReplaces exposed status effects with beneficial versions
Cross dressingb+10 Aura
Immune to clothing femininity status effects
IncestYou always did have the hots for your cousin…Unlocks incest tease


Switchaaa+5 Physique
Unlocks submissive tease
Weak to dominant tease
Breederbbb+25 Fertility
+25 Virility
Sadomasochistb+3 Physical shielding
+10 Physical damage
Lusty maidenbEmpowers 'pure virgin'
Amplifies 'broken virgin'
Oral performer