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Opportunistic Attackers

This makes random encounters more likely depending on the state of your character.

Opportunistic Attackers is a game mechanic which can be enabled in the content options menu.

Status Effects

ConditionDescriptionEncounter Modifier
Dirty ClothingYour smelly clothes seem to attract trouble.25%
Smelly BodyYour smelly body seems to attract trouble.25%
ExposedYour exposed body parts attract all kinds of lewd gazes.50%, 75%


StatePercentageDescriptionMaximum Modifier
III - Drunk40-60%You're obviously drunk and some might think you're easy prey.?
IV - Hammered60-80%?
V - Wasted80-100%?



Current Lust / 200 = Encounter Modifier

StatePercentageDescriptionMaximum Modifier
Horny10-25It seems you're beginning to attract trouble.0.125%
Sensual25-50You can feel more and more troublesome gazes.0.25%
Amorous50-75Your lust-filled aura can no longer be denied.0.375%
Lustful75-90Almost every passerby turns to you with lustful gazes.0.45%
Impassioned90-100Everyone can tell you're completely filled with lust.
Some will probably try to take advantage.