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Lilith's Throne's user environment can be configured through the Options setting in the main menu.


KeybindsAllows customization of keybinds. Keybinds can be saved to presets for backing-up and sharing.
ThemeSwitches the current display theme between Dark and Light.
Font-SizeIncreases and decreases the size of the game's font. Default value is 18.
Fade-InToggles the fading in of text.May cause minor lag in the inventory screen.
Gender PronounsCustomize all gender pronouns and names.
Gender PreferencesDetermines gender encounter rates of random NPC's. This will be taken into account wherever possible.
Orientation PreferencesDetermines sexual orientation encounter rates of random NPC's. This will be taken into account wherever possible.
Age PreferenceDetermines the age encounter rates of random NPC's, based on their femininity. This will be taken into account wherever possible.
Unit PreferencesDetermines the measurement units used throughout the game.Applies to sizes, fluids, weights, time, and date format.
DifficultyCycle's the through the game's 5 diffuclty settings.Modifies enemy leveling, damage, and shielding.

Content Options

Option Description Notes
Autosave Frequency Adjusts how often the game autosaves after map transitions.
Enchantment Capacity Toggles the 'enchantment capacity' mechanic, which restricts how many enchanted items a character can wear without suffering penalities. This option is on by default, and will potentially break the game's balance if disabled.
Artwork Enables artwork to be displayed in characters' information screens.
Preferred Artist Determines which artist's work is used by default.
Post-Sex Clothing Replacement Enables equipped clothing to be automatically set to its pre-sex displacement state after sex scenes.
Age This enables descriptions of the age that characters appear to be.
Non-consent Enables the 'resist' pace in sex scenes, which contains some more extreme non-consensual descriptions.
Sadistic Sex Unlocks 'sadistic' sex actions, such as choking, slapping, and spitting on partners in sex.
Silly mode Enables funny flavour text throughout the game. Enables dank memes and joke mode.
Opportunistic Attackers This makes random encounters more likely depending on the state of your character. For example, high on lust, low of health, covered in fluids, exposed, or drunk.
Sex Action Bypass If disabled, action requirements during sex may no longer be bypassed. i.e. All 'Corruptive' actions will be unavailable.
Voluntary NTR When enabled, you will get the option to offer certain enemies sex with your companions as a way to avoid combat.
Involuntary NTR When enabled, enemies might choose to only have sex with your companion after beating your party in combat. When disabled, all post-combat-loss sex scenes will involve the player character
Lactation This enables lactation content.
Cum Regeneration This enables cum regeneration related content, such as decreasing quantity for multiple orgasms in one session and the 'full balls' status effect. When disabled, balls will always be treated as full, but without any negative effects.
Urethral Content This enables urethral transformations and penetrations.
Nipple Penetrations This enables nipple-penetration transformations and sex actions.
Anal Content When disabled, removes all anal-related actions from sex scenes.
Foot Content When disabled, removes all foot-related actions from being available during sex scenes.
Futanari Testicles When enabled, futanari NPC's will be able to have external testicles. If disabled, they are locked to always being internal.
Bipedal Cloacas When enabled, certain bipedal races (such as harpies and alligator-morphs) will have cloacas. When disabled, all bipeds with cloacas will be treated as having a regular genitalia configuration. Some special races, such as lamia, always have cloacas, and are not affected by this.
Multi-Breasts Toggles between 'Off', 'Furry-Only', and 'On'
Crotch-boobs & Utters Toggles between 'Off', 'Furry-Only', and 'On'
Facial Hair Enables related descriptions and content
Pubic Hair
Underarm Hair
Ass Hair
Feminine Beards
Forced TF This spawns its percent of NPCs with the Transformer Fetish, triggering a TF potion on the loser immediately after combat. A value in the properties.xml file called randomRacePercentage determines the likelyhood an NPC will use a randomized species for their potions instead of primarily using their own species; default 0.15; max 1.0.
Since its content is no longer linked to the Non-Consent option.
Rejecting TF Potions Allows the option on being force fed to spit it out to avoid the TF by spitting it out.
Forced TF Gender Tendency Allows overriding of NPC preferences when a forced transformation will alter the player character's gender presentation.
Forced Fetishes See Forced TF; percent of spawned NPCs that have the Kink Advocate Fetish
Forced Fetish Tendency
Furry Tail Penetrations
Cum Inflation
Average Pregnancy Breast Growth The average growth of breasts and udders (separately), per pregnancy, within 2 sizes.
Pregnancy Breast Growth Limit Max size of breasts and udders (seperately) from pregnancy growth.
Average Pregnancy Lactation Average lactation increase of breasts and udders (separately) per pregnancy, within 4oz.
Pregnancy Lactation Limit Max lactation total of breasts and udders (separately) from pregnancy.
Cup Size Preference
Penis Size Preference

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