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Perks and Traits

Perks and Traits are passive boosts to your character, providing stat boosts or other unique effects. Perks and Talents are unlocked through a mixture of gameplay and assigning perk points, which are acquired by gaining levels (one per level, and an additional two every five levels).

As of version, a level 50 character will have 69 perk points.

Image of the top of the perk page

From the top we have the trait bar, with one occupational trait, two equiped traits, and four empty slots. Next row down are currently acquired knowledge perks. Below is the perk tree.

Perks (circular icons) are always active. Traits (square icons) must be equipped in a trait slot before having effect, but are often much more powerful.

Knowledge Perks

Knowledge perks are gained by reading books, and provide a damage boost against a given race. Knowledge perks can not be deactivated once acquired, but given they are pure bonuses you have no reason to do so.

Occupational Traits

Occupational traits are selected as part of character creation, with your selected option being permanently active. There is no way of changing your perk after character creation.

+2 Physique
+5 Unarmed Damage
+5 Physical Damage
Boosted “Well Rested”
Office workerThe Salaryman

The Career Woman

+50 Critical Power
+25% Slave Income
StudentStudent Discount+10 Arcane
25% discount in all stores
MusicianArcane Composition+25 Lust damage
Double length of all spell effects
TeacherIn Control+10 Spell efficiency
Triple all slave obedience gains
WriterMeditations+25 Spell damage
+25% to all experience gains
ChefFine Taste+25 Poison Shielding
Double all potions effects' strength and lengths
SoldierControlled Aggression+5 Physique
+25 Health
+10 Physical Shielding
+5 Physical Damage
Your first strike in combat deals double damage
AthleteTen-Second Barrier+10 Physique
All non-zero escape chances in combat are boosted to 100%
Butler (male)Legacy of Jeeves+25 Lust resist
+5 Physique
Boosted Butler's set bonuses
Double slave income from maids and butlers
Maid (female)Housekeeper
+5 Lust Damage
+5 Physique
Boosted Maid's set bonuses
Double slave income from maids and butlers

Perk Tree

The perk tree is unlocked by spending points, top to bottom. The tree is broken down into three branches: Physical (which improves health, physical damage and shielding, and weapon damage), Arcane (which improves spell damage, aura, and reduces spell costs), and Lust (which improves lust damage, shielding, and other sex related events). The perk tree can currently be reset at any time outside of combat.

Image of the full perk tree

Tree Perks

NameStatsOther EffectsNotes
Arcane Affinity+5 Arcane
Arcane Precision+5 Spell DamageCritical spell hits apply Arcane Weakness (-10 shielding)
Arcane Smith+15 Enchantment CapacityHalf Essence cost of Weapon enchantments
Arcane Training+1 Arcane
Arcane Weaver+15 Enchantment CapacityHalf Essence cost of Clothing enchantments
Aura Reserves+5 Aura
Critical Power+5 Critical Damage
Defender+1 Physical Shielding
Elemental Defender+1 Fire Shielding, +1 Cold Shielding, +1 Poison Shielding
Elemental Striker+5 Fire Damage, +5 Cold Damage, +5 Poison Damage
Energy Reserves+5 Health
Ferocious Warrior+5 unarmed Damage, +5 Melee Weapon Damage, +5 Ranged Weapon Damage, +10 Physical Damage, +2 Physical Shielding
Fertile (+15)+15 Fertility
Fertile (+25)+25 Fertility
Lustpyre+2 Lust DamageAbsorb 2% of targets Max Aura when dealing Lust Damage
Hand to Hand+5 Unarmed Damage
Melee Weapon Expert+5 Melee Weapon Damage
Pure Thoughts+2 Lust ShieldingRegenerate 2% Max Aura when receiving Lust Damage
Physically Fit (+1)+1 Physique
Physically Fit (+5)+5 Physique
Resistance+1 Lust Resistance
Seductive (+1)+1 Lust Damage
Seductive (+5)+5 Lust Damage
Sharpshooter+5 Ranged Weapon Damage
Spell Efficiency+1 Spell Efficiency
Spell Mastery+5 Spell Damage
Spell Power+1 Spell Damage
Stable Enchantments+5 Enchantment Capacity
Striker+1 Physical Damage
Virile (+15)+15 Virility
Virile (+25)+25 Virility

Tree Traits

NameStatsOther EffectsNotes
Observant+5 Physical DamageDetect Gender while Clothed
Cardio Queen+5 HealthImproved Escape Chances
Martial Artist+25% Critical PowerUnarmed Damage Doubled
Aura Shielding+20 Health, - 25 Aura
Berserk+20 Physical Damage, +20 Critical Power, -2 Physical Shielding, -15 Spell Damage, -15 Lust Damage
Combat Regeneration-25 AuraRegenerate 5% max health per turn in combat
Sterile-200 Virility
Barren-200 Fertility
Orgasmic Level Drain-95% XP gainedDrain XP from orgasming partners
Ahegao+15% Lust Damage, -5 Lust ShieldingGoes ahegao on orgasm
Seeder+20 Virility2x Max offspring if fathering
Broodmother+20 Fertility2x Max offspring if mothering
Minx +10% Lust Damage to Masculine opponents
Ladykiller +10% Lust Damage to Feminine opponents
Irresistible Appeals+1 Lust DamageSadists and Rough Dominants accept requests during sex
Object of Desire+1 Lust DamagePartners require +1 orgasm to be satisfied with sex
Nymphomaniac-2 Lust ShieldingDouble Arcane Essence gain from orgasm
Arcane Combatant+10 Spell Damage, +10 Spell Efficiency
Chuuni+20 Spell Damage, +20 Spell EfficiencyAlters spell dialogue to sound like a shounen Anime
Sacrificial Shielding-10 Health, +2 Health Shielding
Arcane Vampyrism-25 AuraAbsorb 50% current aura from defeated combatants

Special Perks

Special Perks are gained via progressing through certain missions, or via console command. To avoid spoilers they are intentionally omitted.

Racial Perks

While called a perk, Racial perks are a structured in game as a status effect. See Race and Status Effects for more information.