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Your personality will have a minor influence in some situations. It will not lock out any options during the game, and is more for roleplaying purposes.

Personality traits are characteristics used to make characters seem more unique. It alters their dialogue, speech, and the way they act.

As of v0.3.5.9α, there are 12 personality traits to choose from. Be aware that some are mutually exclusive.

Tab Speech Traits

The following traits effect a character's speech and dialogue.

Unless otherwise stated, all speech traits conflict with mute..

LispYou speak with a lisp, pronouncing 's' and 'z' as 'th'.All of your in-game speech will be affected by this!
StutterYou have a habit of stuttering and stumbling over your words as you speak.
SlovenlyYou speak in a very slovenly manner; dropping syllables and with poor pronunciation, your speech can often be very hard to understand,
MuteYou are a mute, and while you can make some lewd noises when in the grips of passion, you are otherwise completely unable to speak.All of your in-game speech will be removed!

Tab Personality Traits

The following traits are related to social interaction.

NameDescriptionConflicts WithEffects
ConfidentYou are very assertive and sure of yourself.ShyNo current in-game effects…
ShyYou are incredibly shy around other people, and prefer to avoid conversation wherever possible.Confident
KindYou always try to be kind and considerate of others, sometimes even to the detriment of your own happiness.Selfish
SelfishYou always put yourself first, and are highly unlikely to do anything that doesn't directly benefit you.Kind
BraveYou always act in a courageous manner, and are not one to shy away from a fight.Cowardly
CowardlyYou get scared very easily, and will prefer to run away from conflicts rather than try to resolve them directly.Brave

Tab Sexuality/Romantic Traits

The following traits are related to sexual and romantic interactions.

NameDescriptionConflicts WithEffects
LewdYou seem to always have sex on your mind.Innocent
No current in-game effects…
InnocentYou get overwhelmed when faced with lewd situations, and are not really sure what you're meant to do while having sex.Lewd
PrudeYou act shocked or disinterested whenever talk turns to matters of sex.Innocent