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Lilaya's Tests

This is the second quest in the main questline of Lilith's Throne. Lilaya would like to perform some more tests in order to find out more about your mysterious appearance in Dominion.

Beginning Quest Text

You can find Lilaya in her lab at any time, where she'll be ready to continue running her tests on you. Maybe she can find a way to send you back home?

Required LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
Level 1Lilaya's HomeN/A10 xp


  1. Find Lilaya's lab, step through the door and select [Tests] to let Lilaya know she can run some tests on you.
  2. Afterwards, she will propose further “tests” that you can either accept by choosing ['Tests'] or reject by selecting [Decline].
    • Accepting will give you two new options. You can either choose [Open Your Mouth] or [Stop This].
      • Taking the first option will allow Lilaya to slip a finger into your mouth. This can lead to dominant sex with her, if you choose [Let It Happen]. However, at this point you can still choose [Stop This] as well.
      • By selecting the latter option you will put a stop to her advances and the quest will be completed. You can still have sex with her if you come back and ask her about her tests again.
    • If you decline, any further interactions will be cancelled and the quest will be completed. Even if you've declined, you can still have sex with her if you come back and tell her you want her to run some more “tests” on you.

Completed Quest Text

Lilaya ran some more tests on you, but she's unable to progress with her research without the help of her old colleague, Arthur.

New Quests

Completing this quest will unlock the next part of the main questline of Lilith's Throne; The Search for Arthur.