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Survive the Evening

This is the first quest in Lilith's Throne. It functions as an introduction to the game's mechanics and includes the scenes required for character creation.

Beginning Quest Text

You promised your aunt Lily that you'd attend the opening of her museum's new exhibit. You need to survive the boredom of the evening ahead.

Required LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
Level 1Museum, Lilaya's HomeN/A5 xp


  1. While waiting in the queue in front of the British Museum, give your name to the doorman. The surname is optional and may be left blank.
  2. Next, modify your appearance as desired using the various sub-menus.
  3. Choose what you've decided to wear to the museum. You'll need to be wearing some kind of footwear, as well as clothing that conceals your genitals and chest, before being able to proceed.
  4. Select your profession.
  5. Customize your character's sexual experience. For each increase in one of the sex actions performed or received, you will gain 1 corruption.
  6. At this point, Alexandria has invited you to sneak off and have a little fun. You can choose to [Agree] or [Say No].
    • Choosing the first option will unlock another decision. You can choose to engage in dominant sex with Alexandria, or pick [Second Thoughts] which will cancel any further interactions with Alexandria and allow you to continue to the next step.
    • Saying no will stop your interactions with Alexandria and allow you to continue to the next step.
  7. While searching for Arthur, you hear a seductive female voice coming from behind a large mirror. When she implores you to come closer, you can choose [Agree] or [Nope].
    • It doesn't matter which option you select here. Both have the same result with very minor differences in dialogue.
  8. You've gone through the “portal” to Dominion and you're being held down by three people. Here you can choose either [Struggle], [Furries?! Yes!] or [Furries?! No!].
    • If you struggle, your three assailants will try to forcefully have some “fun” with you. However, Lilaya arrives just in time for you to be rescued.
    • Choosing either of the furry options will trigger the same scene as struggling. However, this will also affect the level of furry content in the game. Depending on the choice that you've made, it will increase your preference to either the highest setting (maximum) or it will reduce your preference to the lowest setting (disabled). This can be changed at any time from the options menu under 'furry preferences'.
  9. After talking with Lilaya, Rose will take you to your room. Continue through the remaining dialogue and the quest will be completed.

Completed Quest Text

Your evening at the museum turned out to be far more eventful than you'd have liked. A mysterious demon named Lilith tricked you into being pulled through a magical portal and into a parallel universe. After waking up in the middle of an unfamiliar street, you were saved from a dire situation by the half-demon 'Lilaya'. She seems to be this universe's version of your aunt Lily, and, in return for agreeing to help her with her experiments, she's allowed you to stay at her home.

New Quests

Completing this quest will unlock the next part of the main questline of Lilith's Throne; Lilaya's Tests.


During the quest's dialogue, Lilaya mentions that she has a spellbook lying around somewhere, and that she will send Rose to deliver it to you later. When you finish the quest, you will be able to pick up the spellbook in your room.