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Survive the Evening

Beginning Quest Text

You promised your aunt Lily that you'd attend the opening of her museum's new exhibit. You need to survive the boredom of the evening ahead.

Rec LevelLocationsEnemiesRewards
Level 1Museum, Lilaya's HomeN/A5 xp


  • Choose to 'search'. If you choose 'wait', you will have a conversation, after which you have to choose 'search'.
  • Select either 'agree' or 'nope'; both have the same result.
  • Choosing 'Struggle' or 'Furries?!' affects the level of furry content in the game, with the latter option reducing your preference to the lowest setting (this can be changed from the options menu).

Completed Quest Text

Your evening at the museum turned out to be far more eventful than you'd have liked. A mysterious demon named Lilith tricked you into being pulled through a magical portal and into a parallel universe. After waking up in the middle of an unfamiliar street, you were saved from a dire situation by the half-demon 'Lilaya'. She seems to be this universe's version of your aunt Lily, and, in return for agreeing to help her with her experiments, she's allowed you to stay at her home.